How did the tiers look in NG & 2I

I was just playin’ this to see how the characters changed but what did the tiers look like?

not sure about NG, but in 2I, Gouki was in a class of his own, was banned in tourneys b/c of his unpunishable dive kick. So Gouki was god tier (along with Gill, but hey, he’s unusable in the arcade).

Ibuki was top tier. Below Ibuki, I know Sean was good and up there, and I THINK Ryu was up there, but I could be wrong. 2 Denjin Hadoukens were pretty bunk. I’m sure about Ibuki and Sean though. The twins were good as well (forgot ranking) but they were insanely fast in 2I, and both had better and easier target combos.

Sean yeah he seems good, very quick Hadou-Burst, 2 hit Dragon Smash and Ibuki had that bad azz S.A. while Necro sucks if u ask me

Sean had MAD stun. It was wayyy too much, and same with Ibuki. That Hadou-Burst was too good as well. I’m not sure…I read a LONG time ago that Necro won a tourney in the US (i think it was some Gamefan NG book) but i’m not sure…I haven’t used Necro much in NG or 2I, I just know that 2 Magnetic Storms are useful. A lot of the “lower” characters got a boost in 3S, notably Alex, Urien, and Hugo, off the top of my head. The powerful 2I chars got nerfed, like Sean and Ibuki in 3S.

Heh. I remember in 2i, sean could do s.strong, s.rh, ex tornado kick -> hadou burst :\

Also, ibuki had some pretty badass stun combos too. Not sure if they did 100% stun, but damn it if it wasn’t close. Most, of course, needed Hashin Sho :\ I hate this Yami Burai crap

Urien sucked he couldn’t delay his Metallic Sphere & Knee Drop didnt knock down