How did this game die

Like… seriously… Why did nobody play this?

Was it too tough to play or just because it was totally not supported/updated after the home release?

I always dreamt of a time where they released some more DLC characters… Even if they were more “same character, new moves” types…

The fighting game community can only support 3 games at a time: the newest Street Fighter game, the newest Marvel game, and whatever else is the most recent big-name fighter. This has always been the case, and that’s just the way it is. For ever and ever. Amen.

Most people claim that the game was too tough to play. Considering KOF’s combo system was based around cancels while SF4’s is based on extremely tight links and Marvel’s is constantly working against you with the hit stun decay system, it clearly wasn’t the execution that was holding people back. It was likely the fact that KOF is more of an old school fundamentals style fighter and this generation of players wouldn’t know a footsie if it kicked them in the head. Fighting games aren’t made with fighters in mind these days, they’re made with training mode monsters in mind.

Another common problem people sighted was the netcode, and while I will give you that the netcode was hot garbage, 1) people still play Marvel and SF4 and god knows they are unplayable online, and 2) Steam Edition’s online is among the best netcode I’ve experienced outside of GGPO and it’s a god damn ghost town.

Just remember - dead games are the only games worth playing. It’s been that way for at least a decade.

I suppose that is the sad reality. Still, even when the game was new, I didn’t really feel like anybody went nuts for it or anything like that. Even in JP, I thought they’d be jamming this but I see more USF4 then anything else.

it came out 10 days after umvc3, so i’d say extremely bad timing.

personally i just don’t find kof very interesting.

hitstun decay/infinite prevention is probably the friendliest combo system there is, because then they can more or less make everything in the game combo into everything else in the game, make it a game where you can do whatever the hell you want whenever you want, and everything will work out because the system will eventually kick in and stop infinites.

i highly prefer that over a system where attacks that are fast enough and have the reach to hit don’t hit because some developer decided you shouldn’t be allowed to do that there.

and unrelated, but

the word you are looking for here is cited

Well, I guess it’s a personal thing, but I’d prefer a game where I can rely on hitstun to be constant. Having hitstun decrease feels like the laziest way to prevent infinities because it’s a one-size-fits-all solution that clearly doesn’t fit all.

Hit stun decay aside, Marvel BnBs are about twice the length of KOF BnBs at least based off the characters I played in both games.

But we’re getting off topic.

Steam edition should have appeared at least a year sooner. Then they could have patched the improved netcode in the console versions as well.

Other factors were the launch of KOF XII that did not get good reviews. This cut some of the initial boost KOFXIII should have gotten.
While SF4 success lead to SSF4 high sales too.

Also there is high fragmentation. Many SNK fans prefer KOF2002UM and 98UM to KOFXIII. While SF4 had the luxury to lose a few sales later from SFIII:3S OE and SF2:HD Remix, in SNK’s case I see a decent amount of players playing the older games. Compare this today with the 3S and SF2 players vs SF4 players. The ratio is hugely in SF4’ favor. It will be even wider for SF5. Not so in KOFXIII’ case.

Because people are ungrateful bitches who don’t know quality when they see it. Capcom games have their old reputations and people will play them even if the gameplay sucks (not saying SF4 is terrible). Mortal Kombat 9 had blood and that "Ooo this must be for grown-ups. Look at that M rating YOU SEE THAT X-RAY FERTILITY BRO?!? :blah: " shit (I am saying that game was terrible). Tekken… Well, Tekken’s just dope. Best 3D fighter, cant hate. But yeah, people didnt feel like they had a reason to play this somewhat unpopular game with all of those on shelves.

Me: "Dude I got the new KOF! It’s so great!"
90% of my friends: "…What the fuck is Kof?"
Me: explains
90% of my friends: “Ohhhh so its like Street Fighter?”

Plus SNK doesnt fuck around when making soul-crushing boss fights.