How did you come across 3S?


Just wondering. Alot of people like myself came across this game by “accident”.

Back in winter 2000, I was shopping for a good DC game and picked this game up. I gave up SF altogether after Alpha 2, so I missed all the good stuff starting from Alpha 3 :sad: I saw 3S and was like “hey, I remember SF.” After experimenting with it, I was definitely hooked and never put it down since…


Played 2I like 5 years ago and then quit Street Fighter for Guilty Gear and KOF. Saw 3s like 2 years ago and now I’m a certified stun whore. :sweat:


I remember renting 2nd Impact on Dreamcast. I liked it a lot. Then a couple years later SFAC came out on PS2 and I decided to pick it up. I instantly got hooked on 3S when my cousin taught me a lot of cool shit. Like everyone else, I’m still hooked on it lol.


I started with 2nd Impact in a mall arcade in 1998 (I was 11). I would always play it by myself because no one else would. Seemed like everyone was more into A3 and EX2. I later found Newgen in the mall closest to my house and just played 1p mode whenever I could. I only used SA1/2 Ryu. By the time 3S came out, I stopped playing SFIII and didn’t go to arcades anymore.

Eventually I got DI and 3S on DC in the weeks of their release. I don’t even know why, because I still only played it by myself anyway. About 2 years ago I found out about the arcade scene for 3S in a Chinese mall and around that time I started getting serious about the game.


I was introduced to 3S visiting a friend in the summer of 03. I picked it up for Dreamcast but didn’t start playing seriously until SFAC came out.


For me, it was the beginning of last Fall. I just entered college and I was getting to know where everything was. I found the arcade and decided to look around. I noticed a lot of people crowded around an arcade, which was 3S. I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since A2 and I thought that the fighting looked so smooth and fluid. I was amazed so I thought I’d give it a try. I got to play against someone that was familiar with the game, but he wasn’t that good. I won with Ken (didn’t know he was top tier) and someone else played as Ryu against me. Not knowing much about the game, my moves got parried easily and he finished me with a Shin Shoryuken. After that I went on the internet to learn about the game and picked up a copy of SFAC for the PS2. Now I’m addicted to this game :looney:


After seeing Tokido’s Urien during Evo2k2. I ran out to buy a dreamcast soon after…


I bought SF:AE for the Hyper Street Fighter II. Then I watched Daigo’s full parry online.


a friend of my brother’s came into town and they were both big on SF as well, we had DC already and they went out and bought SF3 Double Impact. We played it and were like, what crap! I kept trying it every now & then and got my bro into it. It took us a while, but then 2I became our favorite. Then I heard about 3S but it couldn’t be found but I found at a Gamestop that’s like 5 hours away from my house. Picked up as a X-mas present for my bro and the same year he got me Evo 02 for x-mas, lol perfect timing heh? Then later we got it for PS2, since it’s arcade perfect. But we were waitin on it for XBL, so my bro said fuck it and got the import off the net and got it liek 6 months or some shit in advance of the US release date lol


Last year around this time I saw this awsome Oro player who now I think about played like a Japanese player. The Oro player’s sexy combos inspired me to play 3s and try to do those same sexy combos. Before 3s I didn’t play much SF at all, I stopped playing completely after 1 year CVS2 came out, but this Oro dude was just so good I had to pick the game up to be like him!!

This thread has nothing to do with strats…


I first saw it in a review in GamePro magazine. Looked cool, played it a couple times at an arcade I used to go to in Virginia…thought it was really cool. Then played the Dreamcast version and just realized it was the best 2d fighting game ever conceived.


sat next to the marvel machine at the local arcade. no one played marvel in electric avenue (vta, ca) for some reason so i decided to try it out. sickkk game. gotta have been at least 2 or 3 yrs ago… haha back then shinryuken was THE super to pick.


My friends were talking about EVO and 3S and thats how i found out about the game


I got 3s for about 15 bucks at toysRus. my first thought was “hey, I loved SF2! I didnt even know they made a sf3” I was a massive newbie at the time. a few days after I took it to my friends birthday party and we played about 2 rounds. we had no idea what we were doing and we all quickly agreed that it was a piece of crap (I was 13-ish) a few months later I got an arcade stick and I mostly played mvc2 on it and I thought “I should give 3s another chance,its probably better with the stick” and it changed my life forever. easily the best fighting game Ive ever played. with SF2 and Garou close behind.


So i was bored eh…

and then i saw this street fighter machine at the arcade…

and i was super pro with ken at that time…cuz i learned all this ken shit from super nintendo …i knew how to do the fireball, and the spinning kick, and the shoryuken…so i was like…damn …im a pro…O and why the fuck does my ken go blue and then shing …o well…

and then EX fireball accidently came out…and i was like…wtf?! coool…and started getting seroius with the game ever since…

btw…the shing was parry


The arcade where I used to play 2I replaced it with 3S.


I knew it existed, but the game just felt wierd since 2I was my love. Saw a bunch of high school kids play it, so, I played it too for the DC. Fanboy-ism tdrew me to it since I wanted to see Ryu do something else “cool”. The Daigo/Wong match was the fury.

…that went well.


Saw it in a magazine years ago but never had the chance to play it. Then one day I got a Dreamcast so I bought it and fucking loved it.


I saw it when I was playing Initial D, back in 2003…it had a crowd nearby it. I didn’t like 3S at first (I preferred CVS2) but as I played it more I got used to it.

And then I saw that my college had it (go Moorpark). And then they announced the Anniversary Collection release. And ever since, I’ve been playing 3rd Strike.


The Diago Full Parry video.