How did you decide who to main?

Did you decide based on personality? How they played? How you think you play? Based on tiers?

I’ve been searching for a main for a long time, and I decided a few weeks ago that I can’t really decide who I like the most and who best suits my playstyle until I have gotten good with everyone, so that has sort of been my goal over the last several weeks.

In a sort of related note, it annoys me seeing “pros” (most notably Gootecks and Mike Ross) being surprised at simple stuff that characters can do because they have literally put no work in with anyone besides the characters they seemingly immediately picked.

I do not base it on tiers, I actually picked up Sagat in Super loll.

I just pick characters that I like and enjoy playing as. I like having Sagat’s control, all of the fireballs etc. Most of all though, I do not want a character that is free on wake up. Some people have mains that can get bodied on wake up, and that is something I hate personally, some people are better at handling it than I am. Like Rufus before meter would always frustrate me, I like that people have to respect Sagat’s uppercut…unless they have their safe jumps down :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to pick the character I think I’m most likely to win that suits me, so a zoning character like Sagat or Ryu wouldn’t really work for me in vanilla.

Vanilla: Akuma (best character imo) and then Fei
Super: Fei, Seth and then towards the end Cody
AE: Yang (top tier+fun as fuck)
AE2k12: Cody

Choosed everyone the first time I was able to play the game, Zangief looked awesome as hell with his antics and poses and I really enjoyed his playstyle, sort of reminded me of Honda in ST on the being patient and eating fireballs but once you open them up you can run a train with the right predictions. So I stook with him.

<3 Zangief

Sagat, secondary Cammie.

I tend to most of the time choose my characters by going with whoever I find interesting in general (looks cool, moves, personality, backstory etc…).

After that its just a matter of seeing whether said character fits my playstyle and if that all goes well then its game time.

A character I find interesting that fits my play style, while making those around me very salty. I troll therefore I Blanka.

This thread has been done already…And I just pick characters that look cool or have an interesting style. I tend to be attracted to
"quick draw" types or balls out offense characters.

Yea, its a big eye opener when you see pro players have no idea at some if not most of the basic stuff the lower tier characters have. Flashmetroid picked up Gouken for a couple of days and was super surprised that his palm went through fireballs. He called it OP lol.

It makes you wonder about the tournament scene and how heavily weighed it is to the top end of the tier list.

I love picking awkward characters. My character personality choices tend to vary immensely. Honestly I’m not entirely sure what drives my character choices beyond feel.

Here are some of my character choices over the years:
Baiken (Guilty Gear)
Kirby (every smash bros game)
Dan (SF)
Makoto (SF)
Cody (SF)
Sakura (SF)
Captain Commando (MvC2)
Jin (MvC2)
Hayato (MvC2)
Strider (MvC2)
Hibiki (CvS2)
Rock (CvS2) (entirely casually for both these characters, only played it at home vs CPU. Never knew they were top tier until recently lol)
Lei Wulong (Tekken)
Alisa (Tekken)
Makoto (Blazblue)
Taokaka (Blazblue)

I guess the only really consistent thing is that I don’t tend to pick zoning based characters. Which is odd, because the character I’m most interested in for Skullgirls is Peacock (mostly due to art direction lol) and she is a PURE zoning based character.

I tend towards characters with high mobility.

Jam in guilty gear
Bison/Cammy in sf

I hate being limited by bad walk speed or other slowness which makes my decison to try out Oni especially odd cause he’s the exact opposite.

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I usually just pick characters I like. More often and not they end up being top tier, though that isn’t the reason that I picked them.
Example: When Rufus was announced in SFIV I KNEW he was going to be my main right from the start and then as soon as I saw Kindevu play him I was loike “omg yes this character’s play style is going to be amazing”

Example two:
My first real team in MvC2 was Magneto/Cable/T.Bonne. I had no idea any of them were top tier at the time. I’ve always been a fan of Magneto, Cable is one of my favorite marvel characters ever and Mega Man Legends is one of my favorite Playstation 1 games (and games in general) so all the choices were obvious to me.

Turns out they are all semi-top tier to top tier. The team may not have the best synergy but they are all solid characters.

Example 3: Ken has always been my favorite street fighter character and likely always will be. So I pick him in pretty much every game and he’s been upper mid-top in pretty much every game he’s in.

I have a similar problem. I can play semi-decently, with a few characters, but I haven’t actually yet invested my time in keeping a main for more than 1 month. It’s just that as soon as I start to learn one character, I have a sudden urge to learn another. I tell myself, right, I am just going to stick to [character] from now on. I think I’ve had this attitude to every character in the game except maybe ibuki, viper and t hawk
An example is - I’ll start playing vega. I love his quick footspeed and pokes, his karathrows, his general personality. But then I’ll see a video of Oni playing and dump Vega and play him
Any advice?

I wanted something that played kinda like a shoto(qc/dp motions), but wasn’t one, that didn’t require absurd execution to use competently. Bingo-bango, Sakura it is.

I picked Juri long before I got the game because I saw someone doing some Ranked matches when Super came out (this was before PC got AE, so I never got to play Juri until last summer.)

Picked up Seth because I saw poongko back before Shadaloo Showdown on ShinAkuma’s channel (I think).

Bison because he was the only character I played in Vanilla because I played charge characters and I was bad at doing motions.

On SF4 i mained Ryu but when SSF4 came out i had the goal to get Platinum Trophy so i had to do From C to C shining achivement, and when i was doing the achivement i started to like Adon so much that i decided to main him, and he is still my main atm.

Something about the character design has to stand out for me.

I loved Dudley in 3S because his voice acting made him seem like a hilariously over-the-top asshole. Not maliciously arrogant like Adon, but just the sorta guy that accepts his superiority as an axiom of existence. Won’t waste time insulting others, as they’re barely the same species anyway. How fun is that? They made him an actual goddamn gentleman in SF4, and it totally doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned.

So now I main Cody. I guess I’m partial to asshole good guys.

accidentally picked abel at the arcades, stuck with him

I’m a gigantic scrub that doesn’t know how to play this game, so I play Zangief, Dahlsim, and Cody because even a retarded monkey could somewhat play those characters.

Well to really know it you either have to face good ones or play the character yourself. I know in my case there are characters I won’t use willingly cause they don’t suit me at all. So I can understand it

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