How did you do it?


I have a big problem coming up with usernames, because of some absurd vanity or something…Anyway, how did you pick your PSN? I hop frequently because I am ever searching for that non-generic, cool-sounding, unrelated to anything name that everyone will understand.

Again, how did you come up with your PSN?


My username name is the first letter of my first name combined with my last name.

Dee Boss Dick


I think it’s best to go for the silliest thing you can find that’s why my handles are:

CptMunta (Euro/main account)
MofoMajik (US account)
Chalkdork (Asia account)

Better than being beaten to the punch with generic names likes SuperSayin75654 or Naruto245003


JohnnyDeath sounds like Johnny Depp but better.




Awesome_McCool was pretty dope…when it was pitched to me, so I stole it like any real American would do. Thanks, Sep. =D


Been my handle for years.


My dj moniker+nickname is Zero and I love DnB.


:xeye: “Yeah Dood” is a name so wack that no one in their right mind would chose it. Also, PSN wouldn’t let me and 120% at the end of it or use my preferred name “The Burning Naked Samurai”… dood.


my most commonly used handle became my psn tag


I am Dingdangdoom, so it seemed appropriate.


Heat128, all the other names I tried were taken it seemed, and it was the first AIM screen name I ever made so it’s one I remember most.


I love Pho and I like Sephiroth.


Been using this one for years. Sadly it was already taken so had to add an extra A.


Unfortunately, I didn’t think of the name “Chauncy McDouche” when I made mine originally.


Christgrinder was originally the name of my BADASS CAT who runs around and kills things all day and that’s sort of what I’d like to be like online so it seemed appropriate.


I got my second ID (Psycho_Six) at the MGS4 Midnight Launch/Signing at Virgin Megastore in NY. There were six of us at the end of the first line and I was the one always yelling something crazy; so when it came time to assign codenames, I got Psycho Six and I ended up changing my PSN to that.

My original, was just taken from a character I made in unfinished Castlevania fanfic. (DBelmont)


Kasper’s my graff name. Been using it since '97. TFG=The Friendly Ghost. It’s the same name I use for everything.


Just pick something people can conceivably A: Pronounce and B: Remember


I used one handle for about 12 years or so and as I got older, it just struck me more and more as just sounding… like something a kid would come up with.

I struggled to come up with something original, easily read and easily shortened.

“zero” comes from the Smashing Pumpkins song by the same name and Jay is what everyone calls me.

A year or so later, someone kind of surprised me after I won a game online against them and said something like “you don’t think very highly of yourself, do you?” I asked where he came up with that theory and he said because I used “zero” and then also spelled my name all in lowercase.

And he was right.