How did you find out about the community?


I’d normally rather have a herpes sore explode in my face than post a generic question about people’s personal lives in the Fighting Game Discussion forum, but this is something I’ve been wondering for a while. We’ve talked a lot about how we all got into fighting games, but it’s one thing to be into a genre. It’s quite another to be involved in the hardcore fan niche of that genre.

So, how did you discover the fighting game community, and what got you into it?

I’ve been into Street Fighter since I was seven, but I didn’t catch a whiff that there was a competitive network of devoted fans until I got my hands on the Street Fighter Alpha 2 Versus book. Reading it cover to cover, I realized that all the bullshit strategy guides from game companies or official magazines did not incorporate this level of in-depth expertise and strategy, and I was especially interested in the B3 write-up in the back of the book. I quickly got to know the names and basic play styles of all the competitors who worked on it.

Then I got Internet at my house (mind you, this was in 1996 or '97), which gave me access to, then various websites, which all eventually culminated in SRK. I’m not quite the high-level competitor I might have aspired to be way back then, but it hasn’t stopped me from avidly following the progression of events from then until now: Alex and Daigo, ordering the B4 videos, the introduction of Evo, and so on.


I was introduced by someone at the local arcade telling me to go here for marvel strats.


I have heard of SRK by way of the Evo tournaments and various mediums but didn’t think about joining. I joined a week ago and so far, the peps here are cool and have great insight on fighting games.


Finding SRK was a natural when I decided to try to and create my own scene in 2005. I just kind of auto-connected through it.


An older friend who frequented arcades got me into sf and other fighters in 92 since he had a snes and since then I really liked fighting games but wasn’t really hooked until summer of 00 when a friend showed me srk. I lurked for a while and didn’t really get into the deep strategy of the game til 03-04, something always got in my way usually school but now that I’m in college and basically live by myself I have more time for gaming.


I saw some combo videos for Marvel and Vampire Savior and then I looked for more plus some tips, and I eventually found this forum. I used to read the forum for Marvel and 3s strategy from the beginning of 2006.


When I purchased Virtua Fighter 4 Evo, and looked at the replays included on the disk of high level players. I read a review on Gamefaqs saying that these were high level VF players in these replays, and I immediately got interested in the competitive scene. I started lurking the VFDC forums. There was a topic on the board about Daigo’s parry, and I watched the vid along with NKI volume VII. I knew I had to purchase the Evo 2004 DVD, all of them. I then registered for SRK and lurked for a long time trying to find out information about CVS 2. At this time it never occurred to me to go to the Regional forums. So with my career in place, I just became a spectator of high level matches.

In 2006 I discovered an arcade when I was coming home from work when I worked in downtown Atlanta. It was the underground arcade, and I decided that I would just play Marvel and try to become good at it. I entered my first Atlanta tournament which was an Underground arcade MVC2 tournament. I of course went 2-0 at the tourney, but became big into Marvel.

I eventually made some friends, and now I really am trying to become the best in Atlanta as far as SFIV is concerned.


I was around here since 2000. Arcades were everywhere in NYC back then so outside of random game help the site was useless to me and back then I would check it from school or friends house etc because I didn’t have internet at home. I kind of quit gaming in 2002/2003.

Several years passed, then I decided to get back to gaming. Every arcade I used to go to had closed down, except CTF and some random high damage never fix the button ones. I lost contact with a lot of the people, most people that I still knew or would see around the parks from the gaming days had all quit. My first choice was to go back to SRK, but I had account problems and said fuck it and went to Gamefaqs instead (no, I wasn’t banned). Met up with a few players from there, then after some trolling/stupidity at Gamefaqs decided that SRK is where I need to be to get back into gaming and step my shit up.


Me personally…I use to play SF2 on the SNES pretty hardcore. Played a few other fighting games since but never really into them. Alpha 3 for the PS1 I use to play non stop but never with other players. Then with the use of the internet I would try to find vids on combos and learned a few new tricks for Alpha 3. Got a few more fighting games but again, never got into them as much as Alpha 3.

It wasnt till about last fall I met a couple of guys around my nieghborhood that really got me into fighters. They come over every night now for matches and with the release of SFIV, its even deeper now. I had Cap VS SNK 2 for the xbox and really only played it twice…Now these guys got me playing it almost every day and I just cant believe I had this awesome game infront of me for the past 5 years.

Last week just did a google search of tournaments/events in NYC and it lead me to this forum.

Went to my first tournament this past weekend at WDG Fighters Club. Had an awesome time. Cant wait to go to another one.


When I signed up on DL back when I was a pretty damn bad GG player, I was posting in the Tekken 5 thread. I wasn’t good at all in Tekken but was looking for some comp. A member here and on Dustloop told me about SRK.

At first I didn’t give a damn about coming here because I didn’t see the point. Anyway I met the guy IRL. He didn’t live too far away. We played some GG and Tekken and he beat me pretty badly. It was a bitch using AC Order-Sol when I didn’t know a damn thing about him and AC Sol.

After I got my ass handed to me in Tekken and GG I deciced one day to sign up here. My first post was quite embarrassing if I do say so myself. I was surprised I wasn’t put in the red automatically.:rofl:

I wanted to rematch that guy in GG but he went back to NYC and hasn’t returned. Even if he did it’ll be pointless as I don’t play GG anymore and haven’t touched Tekken 5 in months.


MvC2 was what got me into finding out about tournaments back in 2000 when it first came out. All I did was search on yahoo MvC2 tournaments and found this site. The rest is history.


A friend of mine sent me a link to Sirlin’s website on a totally unrelated matter (starcraft business), and after I read some of his articles I was like “huh, so there’s strategy in fighting games too ?”

I think there was a link or a reference to somewhere on his site and that’s how I ended up here.


The internet. Before that it was just me in my home playing fighting games by myself. That’s the best I could hope for with no arcades and no friends who still enjoyed fighting games after the fourth revision of SF II.

Unfortunately I chose to join “” instead of SRK for some reason. I guess cuz I liked SNK fighters better at the time and I assumed SRK was only for Street Fighter talk. I still like that website, but SRK has much more going on. I’m not sure what took me so long to check it out and join.


Evo :rock:, i was into mvc2 back in the day


I… can’t remember.


i got into it in maybe like 2001-2002 due to University Pinball (marvel, cvs2), but i first got on SRK cause of the Tips and Tricks mag.


I think on yahoo or google


I’m glad you like it here so far. Congrats for putting up with our shit. lol

Also, I found out about the community about REALLY LATE 06. Never was serious till about a year later in middle/late 07. Then I stopped coming here in 08 to actually play and practice. Then I’m finally back. But man, I missed A LOT in that 08. I was never really on last year. But at least I’m here now to give some wanted and unwanted input on fighting games and other news. lol


I hate to say it…but it started with two videos.

First, (and embarassingly enough) was the Daigo/JWong vid. Just seeing that level of skill and the crowd capacity made me realize that these old school games still have a very large following. This was mid 2007. Up until then I knew VERY little about fighting games, except the Genesis and SNES ports of Street fighter and Mortal Kombat. I was too young during the 90s to get a lot of arcade experience and remember all the Capcom classics I would play every know and then.

The second video was this:


The music and moves blew my mind. And then I started to think about how these characters had super moves. Did some research, learned about the CPS boards, got into emulation, and then took off from there.

Now I have an arcade stick, PS2 with some Capcom/Namco/SNK compilations, and know alot about top players and the vast amount of games still being played today. Looking up info is what led me here. I still got a lot to learn though. I am heavily debating whether to allocate all my gaming time this summer into really focusing on fighting games so that I can get competitive and at least get a taste of what I missed when I was young. Pretty tough decision :sweat:


Back during the relatively short period of time that I went to arcades, someone clued me in. Forgot who. He was a cool guy, real chill. No homo.

EDIT - Reading the question again, I need to clarify: he clued me in… to SRK. I never really took part in any RL fighting game communities. I’m the antisocial type.