How Did You Find Your Main?

How did you guys find your main? how do i know who is mine?

i found mine off watching vids of players. each character has a general style and i basically watched a lot of good players use characters and i just picked the one that i thought would fit my style. also you might want to pick a character that is more forgiving in your weakpoints. exp. pick guile if you have weak execution or something

back when sf2 came out for the sega (I guess it was CE) I played with chun, blanka and honda cuz I could spam the mash moves against the cpu

played my cousin who was much older and played at the arcade, couldnt beat him with anyone of them because of obvious reasons. So I eventually found Ryu as my main because it was a good matchup for me as he picked Rog.

Ryu has been my main for years, now I alternate him with Chun since about half way through vanillas existence

the way you find your main is by understanding the absolute NON-character specific aspects of the game engine(learning what zoning, option selects, frame traps, meaties etc are), and then deciding how you want to play against people BASED on that engine.

Started out with Ryu, had a hard time beating my bro with this character, switched to Ken, it just felt like a better version of Ryu.

I didn’t even need to try anybody else to see it was the perfect char for me.

Stayed with Balrog from the start since I adored hearing his laugh in the Japanese dub, it’s also the reason why I picked up Cody.

I played all of the characters online and in casuals until I found one that was fun.

it simple play the character you feel u have advantage with and learn the match up

I found mine on the character select screen…

Really though, just find someone you think is fun and forget about things like tierlists, because for your first few months at least, you’re going to be learning fundamentals.

Ryu is a fun character.

First started with ken… then I got bored of using him so frequently so I started trying out others… Seth, Bison, Gouken, etc… through this, you can analyze your particular playing style, and so I learned I dislike using charge characters, and that the character I want to use must have a DP (go figure), and must have a hit confirmable Bnb, and non-complex footsies (which opts out the 3 i just listed)… Now I’m using sakura :wink: and Ibuki on the side.

Really the only way to pick a main is to play the game with a bunch of different characters you think are interesting. How do you know if they are interesting?

I usually break up the characters this way:

  1. Command characters
  2. Charge characters

Which do you like better? Both have pros and cons. Myself, I liked playing charge characters because I have a turtle style. I’d rather be the person defending rather than the person assaulting. It could be different for you and it isn’t to say all charge characters are turtle. Pick which one feels right for you.

Now I decide which playstyle I prefer:

  1. Rushdown
  2. Zoning
  3. Grapplers

Myself, I prefer zoning characters first. I enjoy trying to control my opponents game space. Secondly, I also enjoy grapplers because it doesn’t take too many hits to kill your opponent and again, being a defensive player, grappler punishes are usually much for effective than any other type of character playstyle (example: doing a SPD with Gief takes off more life than doing a Flash Kick from Guile if you make your opponent whiff a move)

Now you can start getting into specifics of how you like to play

  1. Do you want a character with good knockdown mix-ups?
  2. What about a dependable reversal?
  3. Easy combos with not a lot of 1-frame links?
  4. Character with good mind games?
  5. Do you want a projectile or not?
  6. Fast or slow character?

Stuff like that…

I also place value on character looks and overal non-game related abilities.

Now, you may not even know what you want (i.e. you may not yet realize you want a command character instead of a zoning character) so thats why people say play around with the cast. You have to be semi-informed on the game and its engine before making an educated decision.

I basically just went online with random characters and ended up choosing my character based on the criteria above and whichever character I didn’t get “owned” as much with when playing other people.

Based on the following criteria, this is how I chose Blanka as my main:

  1. Charge character
  2. I consider him zoning in that he can control vertical and horizontal space effectively
  3. Good knockdown mixups
  4. Awesome reversal, especially on cross-up pressure
  5. Awesome mobility with hops
  6. Electricity. Good to keep pressure on opponents and to punish jump-ins most of the time.
  7. Looks cool to me. I enjoy playing a funky character

But, I wouldn’t have known half this much about Blanka if I didn’t play the game and experiment.

“Hmmm, Bison might be interesting.”

My friends ushally pick my mains. It sounds strange but they ushally are like “I hate when you use that charater, he should be your main.” Or sometimes when they introduce me to a game they flat out say “that guy will be your main”. I always think I am going to play someone else, but in the end always revert to back to their picks. The funny thing is i don’t always play same type of charaters, unless “the high teir overly complex weird looking dude” is a playstyle.

Balrog just came naturally for me, and I think that might be the best advice. Play a wide selection of characters, get to know how they work and at least one will stick with you.

whomever i could combo best with!!

I play cody because his character is a Sociopathic, Attention Deficit Disorder having asshole, brutish, mothafucka that fights like a TRUE street fighter, using his fists and shit that’s lying around and not some silly magical fireballs.

Cody “We are the streets” Travers

play the game/watch some videos. find out who you think would be fun to use/who you do best with.

Hit that random select till you find someone that fits. Trust me, it works.

But really, break it down to playstyle:

Do you like being super aggressive? Pick Ken, Akuma, Rufus, Seth, Balrog, Bison, Cammy

Do you like having a more passive aggressive approach by feeding off of your opponent’s mistakes? Play Akuma, Ibuki, C. Viper, Dee Jay, Abel, El Fuerte, Chun-Li, Makoto, Cody, Gen, Rose, Ryu, Dan,

Do you like just completely overwhelming your opponent from a distance? Pick Ryu, Guile, Sagat, Rose, Akuma,

Funny, I’m more campy turtle than a reckless beasty, and still managed to dislike using charge characters lol… seriously I can’t be bothered when I have to “wait” for a special move to be ready…

Originally I played a lot of Chun-Li when I had SFII then I recently bout SSFIV and decided to Chun again. Along with watching OHT’s vids on youtube.