How Did You Find Your Main?

I found my main by just playing random characters until I found out who I liked playing the most, and attacks with the most priority and speed… Although from time to time I’d switch, but I use Makoto, Dudley, Rog, Ryu, Ken and a few others. My main is Makoto though.

To the OP:
Check out this thread:

I know you are trying to help, but you miss-characterized a lot of the characters you listed there.

if the character is fun to play regardless if top tier or not.

I really can’t believe this question still gets so many responses, its insane. I mean it truly blows my mind, if you play the game enough you will find your main, this is how it works. If you’ve been playing the game for 2 weeks then no you probably shouldn’t have a main yet. Enjoy the game, play different characters and you’ll find your main. It really is that simple.

Simple for YOU. Not Him. Anyways, I found the person I wanted to be had to be fast as hell, which is why my mains for sf,tekken, and sciv are (in order), Cammy,Asuka, and Amy.

I saw his face on the character select screen

#1 Bought SSF4

#2 Played all of the characters

#3 Chose the one I disliked least

As I see it.

Pretty much the above post for me, at least at SF4. Did the “C to Shining C” as the first thing I did for the game. As I was going, tracked who was easiest for me to win matches with (Honda, Fei Long, Balrog) and who I had the most fun playing as (El Fuerte, Zangief, Adon). Then after that I chose El Fuerte!

i usually try everyone, and pick the char i seem to have the best luck with. i usually end up with 2 mains, 1 that i find fun to play and 1 i’m actually good with (very seldom do they end up being the same).


Andy Bogard / Bang Shisigami / Hitomi
These three stick out for me and am best with by a long shot.

Only when there isn’t a character I like overall I don’t have a main.
SSF4 is practically characters have very few moves each and the game is fucken slow.

MvC2 wise, it depends on the person I’m playing, there isn’t a good rush in character that is also good at spamming chip damage so I really can’t pick because either of the situations would be necessary depending on what the other person is doing. Typically Akuma, Ruby Heart, Felicia /Or/ Iceman, Juggernaut, Sentinel.

As for Mortal Kombat, characters are rather similar though I typically end up playing as either Sektor or Raiden.

I didnt pick my main. Dan chose me.