How did you get into online gaming?


What’s your story?

For me I got internet at home in 2008 because I wanted to work on my uni projects at home.

One day on my PS3 I was going through the settings and I stumbled on Network settings. Then I thought to myself, “Hmm… what if I can access the internet on my PS3! Wouldn’t that be great!?” So I hooked it up and it worked! Then I made a Playstation Network account and was surprised that I could now play with people over the internet!

I was overjoyed! I no longer had to go out with the guys at the weekends to find some fun. I could now have all the fun right at home.

I was surprised to find out that I was a complete nub at games too. I used to think that if I could beat my friends at a game then I could beat anyone.

I was the type of person who gamed after school on most evenings and would finish a rpg / action type game and trade it in for another. I hated fighters and shooters or anything that wasn’t fun as a single player game.

It wasn’t until I started playing online that I found out people complete games on the highest difficulty at 100% and people play games that aren’t rpg for more than 70 hours.

I was astonished in shooters that people could see me and kill me from so far away when I can barely see them and they aren’t using a sniper rifle.

And in fighting games I thought normal attacks were useless because they always accidently come out when I want to do a special move lol.

Now… I’m still kinda a nub on most games. I don’t play any action type games and the only rpg I touch now is Final Fantasy. I’m now into competative games and strategy games. I have learned alot from the community and made many new online friends who I speak to way more than my real life friends. Online friends never ask for more than a signature.

I have always wondered how much online gaming I’ve missed. Why did nobody ever tell me about this kind of fun? I didn’t know people lived like this…


you seriously never knew about playing online and you claim to be a gamer? I don’t believe it

but if you are then congrats it must of been a rush of excitement and an eye openner to the depth that lies within games


Wow…you late. Didn’t you read the instruction manuals?

Anywho: Dreamcast Quake 3. Shit was insane fun, staying up until 3 in the morning on school nights…until the pc idiots started hacking. Moved on to dc Unreal Tournament…still the most fun version, imo. God, that was the best experience online I’ve ever had, next to Uncharted 2’s multiplayer.


Uh… Starcraft?


Quake 3 (DC) but mostly Rainbow Six 3 on the original Xbox hooked me in. The first time I ever played online though was CS at my friends house (8th grade).


PSO on dreamcast. Then onto Starcraft and D2


Mechwarrior 3 and 4 on PC. Was even part of a clan for a while! I didn’t actually play anything else online til recently though


Return to castle wolfenstein for me. I got the game while i was on dial up but never played online until i upgraded to cable internet due to the lag. I so into wolfenstein that i made a clan and joined up leagues…funnest game ive ever played.


Lol, there only two options at the time : quake 1 or starcraft.


when unreal championship came out for the xbox 180. me and my buddy played 12 hours straight. First online experience felt like the most addictive thing ever.

  1. Free trial when I registered.

I went through the PS2/XBOX/GCN era only with a PS2 (no reason for an XBOX with the genres I played) and the only online game I played on PS2 was Need for Speed Underground 2. I tried the WWE Smackdown, but since it wasn’t server based like NFS, it wasn’t enjoyable online at all. I never saw the big deal.

Later I got the XBOX360, tried the same WWE game (SVR2007) on it , and it was like OMG!!! YES!!! a million times better than PS2. I was hooked on the next few WWE games, and test Drive Unlimited for the next few years.


Played EQ with a couple friends back in like, 5th-6th grade when it first came out. Been sadly addicted to MMOs ever since (off the crack currently, but FF14 is looking VERY nice).


Like this.



MUDs on the telnet back in the day.


I had a 360 and was sick of not being able to play online with anyone else I knew that had XBL, so I took all the neccessary steps to get my tag online. There’s also the fact I wanted to download demos and DLC, so that was another contributing factor to wanting to get online with my 360. Sorry it’s not an exciting story, but in a nutshell, that’s the reasoning behind my venture into online gaming.


Sega Dreamcast, owning randoms became an addiction + my brother sucked at games and they closed Sega World down


Counter Strike circa 2000. That shit blew my mind.


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Quake 1, then Madden and Socom on the PS2. This was before I realized people still played fighting games.


Quake 2…and Starcraft.