How did you get introduced to Street Fighter?


Hey guys. I’m G, and I’ve been a Street Fighter fan ever since I was four. My introduction to Street Fighter may be a very odd one in the minds of various fans.

It was my 4th birthday and my father arrived with a box of presents. They were 12 G.I. Joe toys labeled Street Fighter, a VHS movie of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie and the Turbo version of the SNES game. I saw the movie first, then I played with the toys and then played the game. The movie was actually my introduction to Street Fighter, and it’s still my favorite movie of all time. I absolutely love it.

The main question I always wanted to ask other Street Fighter fans is:

How did you get introduced to Street Fighter???

Feel free to reply, I’m very interested in hearing the various stories of how you got into Street Fighter.

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Same kinda story! My best friend had a SNES and Mega Drive. We lived in a poor neighborhood so he was the KING having 2 consoles. Back then you could try before you buy with games, so we’d all rent out the loaner copy of SFII from our local store, one after the other, and keep it at his house the whole time.
Our parents worked late, so before going to his, we’d hang out at the local “amusements” which is what arcades were called in the North East of England. They only had Mortal Kombat and Super Puzzle fighter, but it was good enough.
Mortal Kombat movies, Street Fighter the Movie, anything by Van Damme, Segal or Swarzenegger, all recorded onto VHS, direct from the TV, we were hooked.
Ended up taking on a bunch of martial arts together including Judo, Kendo and Taekwondo, then SFing it up afterwards (fish finger sandwiches and chips inbetween).
Good times :slight_smile:


Welcome to SRK. We don’t really do introduction threads/general chat in the newbie dojo.

If you have any gameplay questions, you’re welcome to post them up.