How did you guys know what character was right for you?


So its been awhile since I started and I haven’t made any progress with Evil Ryu or Akuma. Every match I’m getting taunted and laughed at and I can’t do anything, maybe those characters aren’t right for me?


I settled on Bison early on because I used him a bit in Super Turbo. And I watched all the arcade SFIV footage I could get and some of the Daigo vs Inoue matches stuck out. Bison looked extremely mobile and I liked the rush down displayed by the said player. So I stuck with it and tried to learn all I could in game knowledge and physically (execution).

Also I wanted to play bad guys.


Ah god I hate bison, I never see that cross up coming


Just look at some higher level play and get inspired and just work on using the character.


I played until I found a character that I didn’t feel like “I should try another character”. I main Rose and still have pocket characters, but I never went “Maybe I should switch from Rose to X”, I did with a few other characters before giving her a shot and that’s how I went about it. My alt however, I just wanted a character with a different archetype, despite the fact that I play both my characters aggressively. (Rose/Yun)


Though I started with Oni, I kind of decided that ultimately I didn’t want to play any shoto (not even a different one like Oni or Gouken). I’d played Ryu in SF2 series and Akuma in SFA3. Enough! I didn’t play 3s for long but had a blast with Makoto. So I tried most of the characters. Rose fits like a glove, and just feels right…but ultimately Ibuki is the most fun to play so I went with her.


I picked Blanka because I like him in SF2. I like his mobility and wildness. Doing the trials, I found I really liked playing Dee Jay so he is my second character.


I picked Seth because I wanted to try a SF4 newbie and sticked with him. He has just the right amount of strategy and execution requisites for me.

I don’t play a character when I can’t enjoy their playstyle. So, for me, one-dimensional characters like Cammy, Sakura and Yun are out of question.


I was a ryu main back in the good old days, but upon picking up SSFIV, I was instantly drawn to Abel.

His style, moves, high reward/risk and rivalry with Guile really appealed to me.

Plus I completely fell in love with U1. You’re never completely out of a match with it!


Dan Preview with Gootecks and Richard Li on 1up, I think. So much lulz that it got me into fighting games.


Rose was, basically, the only character that felt right and I could vaguely play. And she was from Alpha, and has some clothes on. Sold.

Ken is fun, but I’m so scrubby with him he’s just for laughs. It’s not a science, however - Cody always looks great fun whenever I see someone else play him, but if I try and use him…


i started out with Ryu, playing arcade mode bodying computer ai, I went to a local gathering and got the beating of my life and I adopted the name Ryu Apprentice, I did alot of practice for months and finally decided that Ryu was too hard to learn to use effectively, then I moved to E Honda and improved, then moved to Vega and got my first 15 win streak, then I moved to Blanka, then I moved to Fei Long and then to Gen, then I did ALL the trials in SSF4 to get a feel of everyone, then I settled for Gen due to curiousity and discovery of unblockable after unblockable and I stuck with Gen.

Take a shot at the trials, Then check the characters that you where able to complete their trails then go to youtube and seek out their matches and then try the one you feel more attached to.

At the moment I am looking to try El Fuerte Viper and Guile next.


In any fighting game, I’m drawn to characters with good walkspeeds and mobility. They don’t have to be the fastest, but they must not feel sluggish at all. They must have other qualities I like as well, but walkspeed is the first thing I look for. I have dabbled with Sagat cos he is the King and Zangief cos he is the protector of Russian skies. In SFxT, I use Lili and Rolento. In AE, it’s Blanka, Ryu and Viper. Even in air dash games I want chars with fast walkspeeds (to my own detriment). In UMvC3 I used X23, Gouki and Chun.


I have a soft spot for bad ass villains, been maining Akuma and run Bison as my secondary since Vanilla SF4. Mobility is very important to me too, lucky for me they both have the fastest forward walking speed in the game lol


Claw is my favorite because of the good normal moves, also it’s easy to operate without any too difficult eye pressure。
The vioce of jabing to your opponent sounds great


Since playing Alpha 3 as a teenager, Guy was the character I liked to play most. I think I was most drawn but his super combos. When SSFIV came along, I got frustrated right away in online play. Always getting hammered by Ryus, Kens, hell even Roses (-_-). It wasn’t until I started watching Kiryu Tsukimiya, Papatiwawa, and recently Otinhoso (my absolute favorite Guy player), that I truly started appreciating the Bushinryu ninja for all of his ability. Watching the Muso Renge is always a joy for me.

P.S. - My Guy still sucks 'til this day


I picked up many many many (you get the idea I’m sure) characters over the course of sf4’s life up to this point, I ended up settling on Seth at the end of ssfiv because it was so much based on footsies from what I saw, so when I saw how cool Seth looked in Poongko’s hands, I had to play him. (However, I personally get tired of Seth with his low health) When AE came out I was still only playing Seth, but at the end of it’s life I became very interested in Yang. I liked how once he got in he was just IN with less risk than Seth. Once he was nerfed I still enjoyed playing him for his footsie based rushdown, something that I feel is still very unique out of the entire cast. He is my favorite character to play, and I hope for a few buffs for him in the next version, because I find him to be out matched in more than a few match ups currently. To account for his multiple match ups that I hate I picked up Bison after watching Gagapa. Currently I’d say my main is Yang, and secondary Seth/Bison. I wait for the chance (hopefully in the next version) where I can just play Yang and maybe 1 sub character for the big bodied grapplers (I’m practicing anyone that I like that is so much as a 5.5 in my favor match up against grapplers)


in all seriousness, I’ve always loved Cody since Final Fight (still own it on SNES) and Makoto I loved the design for her first time I saw her. My taste in game style varies a lot though character to character but generally they are more footsie/rushdown oriented (Fei/Makoto/Hibiki/Rock(CvS2)/Cody/SonSon(MvC2)/Captain Commando/Hayato/Jin/Yun/ect) though there are outliers (Peacock/Rolento/Viewtiful Joe/Spiral)


I’m sorry people, I just had to quit. Got a new controller and for fucks sake, I could not throw a simple hadoken even 8/10 times, It was like 4/10 times for some reason. I might come back if I ever get a fight stick though, but probably not. I’m actually good at tekken though, so maybe I’ll go back to that or something


These are the reasons, why I am using Bison:
4.)Used him back then in SF2 at all versions, besides WW.
5.)Fast walkspeed.

More will come, but I honestly like the combination of having good pressure and high walkspeed.
The first reason is actually enough for me, but…