How did you guys pick your main?

I want a change of pace, so I’m just going to random in training mode and that character will from now on be my main. :slight_smile: How did you guys stick to your mains or what other characters do you know how to use well and why.

There are already some ideas here…

For me, I think of a character as a set of tools…

      It doesn't matter who you pick it matters how much work you put in. Meaning you could do the trials and learn everything a wiki has to teach about a character and learn the conventional way of playing that character and lose to someone who has worked out a counter to that conventional manner of playing.
      For example every player has an anti Ryu strategy that can be effective. Not to say that Ryu is bad it's just that everyone knows the gameplan implemented by most Ryu players and ultimately how to stop them. So a Ryu player to overcome this has to think through those counter strats (note giving birth to a metagame) where you begin playing against the player and not the character.
      Which then ultimately becomes a game of how much do you know about your character, and how much do you know about my character. Whoever can make the best educated guesses ultimately will win, provided it's not a completely one sided matchup. 

Note: I’m not saying that tiers don’t matter in the long term but you can’t just do what insert top player here does and hope to be successful because people are going to get wise to that technology. So pick a character whose play style matches your mindset and get to grinding. Nothing is for free when you are going up against an experienced player.

I know, but I just have a hard deciding on who I actually like. I understand that every character needs work. I just can’t seem to decide.

Because Ken is the most bad ass bro there is

and I picked up Yun because not only is he a skater but his BnBs are flashy as fuck haha

I generally pick characters that suit my playstyle. I generally like keep away, and turtling, and punishing people. So generally characters who do that well are characters I pick.

But honestly I started using Guile due to something that happened to me back in 1994. I was at an arcade, and at the time Dhalsim was my main. I remember some kid came into the arcade from Cali, and he rolled on everyone with Guile. I had never seen such an effectively played Guile in my life. The way he was cutting off the screen from people, and making it unsafe for them to move forward was just amazing. I pretty much decided that I would never pick another character in Street Fighter besides either Dhalsim or Guile. And basically it’s pretty much been that way for several years.

When SFIV came out, I thought I would main Sim and alt Guile. However I never liked the feel of Sim once I got the game and decided to just play Guile. It’s been a pretty hard road honestly, but I’ve been a Guile play for almost 20 years now.

I pick according to tiers, and I typically pick somebody within the top 10% of the cast.
The only exceptions to this: Super Turbo (I main Blanka/Cammy/Hawk in that order) and Alpha 3, where I main X-Bison.

I pick characters who look cool to me. Their coolness factor is directly related to how much I want to play them.

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