How did you pick your main?

Hey guys, first post here. I’m picking up ssf4 when it comes out after not playing sf4 in over a year, I traded it as I was not that into it. Since then I have been playing a shit load of Tekken 6 and SF2 HDR and have the total itch to play SSF4 and this time I wanna get super serious about the game.

In SF4 I played Gief and Sagat, basically cause they were super overpowered and I was a nub. But Ive been watching all these videos and reading all of the character threads here on srk and I want to pick up a different character but I’m having a lot of trouble committing to one. How did you guys pick your mains? Was it through trying all the characters out? Or was it from looks alone and you never looked back? And finally, how much time do you invest into a character before you should give up on them?

I saw Vega, I instantly fell in love with how he played and how he looked, then saw his narcissistic side of his personality and it went from there.
As for my second (Bison). A few people around here probably have a vague idea how I came across him, but I think you’d rather not know :lol:

Invest in however long you feel is necessary before you give up on a character. Everyone has their own little limits.

I didn’t choose my main… Bison chose me. :wink:

I like how Sakura plays. People keep saying she is low tier but I refuse to give up on her.

Its funny how both of you guys are bison users cause I have been playing him solely on HDR, he rocks in that game. He is one of the characters I am really looking into but Ive read alot of the Bison thread and alot of people seem unsatisfied with him in SF4 and even more unsatisfied about how he looks in SSF4.

asian women are always high tier.

Go random for a few weeks and see if anyone catches your attention. Do the trials, screw around in training mode, watch some videos. Eventually something will sort of “click”

Plus, even with 35 characters, most of them fall into certain categories … rushdown, mixup, zoning, grappler, etc. so if you know one of those styles fits you, then play around with those types of characters.

ShogunFlow: Tier lists don’t mean much to me after watching videos of players like Yeb, Kai, and Iyo tool on top tier characters.

I loved Zangief in sf4 but I felt most of my wins were accredited to the fact that he is zangief and not my own skills with him. The reason I dropped him was due to the fact I just got sick and tired of playing the same hadouken spamming idiots online. I thought about picking gief back up but I feel as though Ill just get frustrated again, I think its time I picked up a character with a fireball or insane rushdown abilities.

The character you like playing the most

Aren’t you that chick that looks like vega?

So you chose Sagat?

No I went from sagat to gief, who I enjoyed more, then right before I gave up I played around with Sim and Boxer

Balrog: I didn’t like any of the SF4 cast and he was the one I hated the least.
Cody: 50% his attitude, 50% his moveset/tools.

I picked Gief when I was a kid simply cuz of the look, but then started playing with him as I got older, and liked his wrestling style (being a big wrestling fan), and I always liked Ken simply cuz all my other friends used to play as Ryu, but also appreciate the differences between the two. However, in SSF4, I will be going back to T.Hawk, being yet another grappler, and I will give Adon a shot since I used to use him a lot in SFA2

I saw Uryo play. Pretty much sealed it for me plus I like Viper’s style.

Thats can be a long story heres the nutshell… I played Ryu for a very long time (since sf2 days)
I played Ryu for a long time while I had sf4 but something just didnt feel right after a while, got very bored of him, got sick of seeing Ryu mirror matches.

I decided i wanted someone with a lot of speed, so I went for Cammy at first. While shes good it just didnt work out. At this time I was getting familiar with OneHandedTerror’s vids on youtube and I was impressed so I started practicing Chun Li and it worked out. She definitely has a nasty learning curve, ill give her that… But it pays off

I was playing Super Turbo, and I was getting my ass kicked by the Chun Li CPU (Didn’t realise I could tech that floor slam throw) and for the lulz I went her as well. I really like how she plays and since she’s in pretty much every Street Fighter game, I thought I’d take her up and learn her in them all so that when it comes to taking up a new game, I have a character I’m very familiar with.

Edit: That was a few days ago, before maining Chun, I mained Fei Long (Half because I love rushdown characters, half cause he’s hilarious) and Cammy (Rushdown)

Gief is epic, don’t give him up, just green fist your way past the fireballs.

Sagat… not so epic.

“I’m sick of ryu, lets learn how to do charge moves…Oh my god Guile is beautiful, give me the chocolate”

DarkChun, yea I definitely had some good times SPDing my way to victory (still do on HDR) but he gets so frustrating when he cant get in. I guess with more practice and patience I can get over that but idk.

Ive been looking at Guile a lot lately, he seems like he will be wicked sick in super. And Sim looks interesting because he plays so different than the rest of the cast imo (maybe Im just talking out of my ass) and on top of that he seems like he is also receiving some nice bonuses in super.