How did you play defensively with magz?



Because a lot of players here in davao play gay magneto. i think only cable is the gayest char here. They team is mag,cable,psy and the flow of the is like this dash in the call psy assist then dash back hyper grav. I read thread of dead4eye he said that call assist too or other words kill his assist. Because they depend only in their assist.
>the other one is storm,cable,capcom.
>Capcom is my hatest assist in this game because they only dapend on their assist.
>my team is magz,IM,psy.


no offence but you really have to fix your grammer bro… And I wouldnt have experienced that dumb stratige because I play against scrubs beyond scrubs. They dont even play with good characters… They play with Ryu,Ken,Akuma,Wolverine,Spiderman,Iceman and more characters like that. They use Cable sometimes but they suck.


Just block and call out your assist. =)


then snapback and then infinite launch :evil:


if they leave their assist out with mags across the screen…
launch followed immediately by a tempest so their assist lands in it… pslocke will take it like a bitch


to hypermegachi

what is snapback? CAn u explain. thx.

To Plizaya: you mean normal jump dash forward?

bt the hypergrav gonna catch you. Then they do combo then


thx. CApCom Jeff


launch followed immediately by a tempest

how do you get jump and dash forward out of what plizaya said…



To x b 4 t M a N x

I jst guess because I dont know what is snapback.

>if you play magz vs magz what is your strategy?

>im lack of strategy if Im play this magz against magz.

>If you play against the assist CapCom like magz,cable,capcom what did you kill first the main charcter or knockout the main then kill the assist capcom?

>i do knockout the main then kill the assist capcom because they depend on that.

> Here in davao have many poor magneto. they call assist then hypergrav. they dont know how to rush, and tri jumping, rom or even resets.


Just block and call your assist. If they can’t do infinites/resets then how hard can it be?

Snapback= qcf+assist1 or assist2… This brings another one of their characters out.


I’m sure his English is better than your Tagalog. Also, you probably shouldn’t be coming down on someone’s use of English when you spell a simple word like strategy the way you just did.





bt what is your strategy if your opponent assist is commando?

>Is it knockout first the main char. then kill his assist??

>I usually do that…

>pls. help me thx.



Uggh… Just snap in Commando and kill him.



Thx for the help
>i think we are the same strats.
>by the way shinerik if your opponent assist is doom wat is your strats?
>like storm/doom and strider/doom…
>i think the difficult is the strider doom or strider capcom combination. ryt???


Cammy’s assist fucks up Doom. :cool:


yeah, your ryt…

>shinerik - there’s one guy here used strider/capcom combination.
how fuck is his combination b’coz he comfortable with capcom assist rather than doom assist. and he is very hard to attack him.

>what is your strats like that? i used him mag/psy.


Strider/The Cap isn’t reallly good… Just block and call out Psylocke lol.

Get Strider in a hyper grav and snap Commando in. =)


sHiNeRiK is right kill that capcom bastard!


Lol yap yap.

My Cap isn’t a bastard though. :cool:


yeah that’s my strats…I snapback capcom in bt sometimes his strider is very hard to catch.
>i playin him patiently…ryt?