How difficult is it to build your own stick without any prior knowledge?

So, I need a stick for my PS3. I sent Hahano an email to see if he could make me one, but I’ve yet to hear from him… The delay in answering also makes me think that the stick itself may take a while as well. So, as much as I’d like to buy from him as I think he has nice work, I’m starting to think it may be easier (and cheaper) if I just ordered the parts and built everything myself. Of course, this is subject to change if I get an answer from Hahano but I just want to know if it’s an option.

So, a couple questions regarding it…

  1. How much would everything (wood for the frame, buttons, joystick, wiring, etc) cost in total?

  2. How difficult is it to make a stick if you know nothing about construction or wiring whatsoever? If I made a stick, is there a good chance that it’ll turn out awful? Or easily breakable? I’d rather not have to repair it every couple weeks due to poor construction.

  3. It seems like many of the tutorials in the sticky have been taken down… What would be a good tutorial for building a stick from the ground up?

  4. How hard is it to make the stick work with a PS3?

  5. Is there a HRAP or HRAP2 template or layout that I would use when making the stick?

  6. Would I be better off just buying a case from someone and then wiring it and adding the parts to it myself if I know nothing about woodworking, cutting, drilling, etc? Or should I just find someone who does know about that stuff (I’d know a couple people who could help…)

If you doubt yourself then the answer is you’re probably gonna struggle. Simple thing to do is buy one (not to say you have to go buy a TE stick, there’s plenty of stick builders on here).

Its not much about the difficulty rather than your will to do it (especially if you have basic soldering skills).

Mine took about 7 hours work total, and double that time for informations gathering. Its hard to give a price because it varies depending on where you live and what parts/tools you already have.

I already had a 360 pad I was willing to sacrifice, but no tools to drill/solder/glue etc. Overall it cost me 110?

I’m not necessarily doubting myself. I think I could produce something given enough instruction. It’s mainly worrying about whether it’ll break easily or something like that.

The parts won’t break if you buy sanwa/seimitsu/happ.

The case might if you go ghetto-stick with a shoe box. Otherwise you’re fine, mine is made from a cheap poker case.

What if I don’t know any soldering at all? Is it difficult? Would there be a chance of ruining the circuits or other pieces if I mess up while soldering?

And how about the wiring inside? If I , say, dropped the box a foot or two (eg. it falls off my lap while sitting onto the floor), could the wiring inside disconnect or something like that? Given that I might be bringing the stick around, I’d prefer it to be pretty durable in its functionality.

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i agree with minii, but really this is a great resource and there are plenty of ways to do what you want. in all reality through if you want to do a ps3 stick then i would go the axisadapter rout or Cthulhu board. it’s really easy. if you can crimp on some disconnects, and know how to use a screw driver, then it as easy as wiring up your stereo speakers or game systems. just go from the pushputton or joystick to the proper input on the board. as for the case, if you have no wood working skills or know someone who can help i would just buy one. be warned i was like you, i had no knowledge on stick building. never did it before and once i made my first one, it led to three more. it’s really a fun hobby. can really be addicting once you realize how easy it is.

here a good place to start

I may not be the best person to answer these questions…
since I’m also a joystick building noob…and have only built one joystick…
but hopefully this post helps…

  • choose on what of type of wood you’d like (this should help)

  • check the price for the material(don’t know any links, since I don’t live in the states)

  • choose what type of buttons you want(this should help, and this one too)

  • then find out the price for joystick & buttons you want(links for shops)

quite difficult…so it’ll help if you have someone that help you learn soldering, crimping, etc…and having the right tools…will be very helpful as well…

About durability, it will of course be durable…if you’ve built it well…

wiring seems to be easier if you use a cthulu board…
but I don’t know…since I’ve just started building joysticks…a month ago…and I haven’t learnt much on building one for PS3.

yes…a definite yes…

since I find making cases difficult… :shake:

nice link… :tup:
I’m gonna start reading this…right after I have dinner…

If you don’t have any of the tools to build a case it will cost you $100-200 minimum in tools to build a crappy case.

Just buy a case.

Buy Joystick, buttons, about 40 .110 quick disconnects, wire, wirecutter/stripper/crimper, USB B to A cable, and a Cthulhu.

I know my dad has most of the tools needed and wood and stuff like that.

I am geussing if you want a quality case you are going to spend $100 on random stuff besides tools, that adds up.

Then again I made a decent stick with this bare minimum.
Handsaw, Hand Drill, Dremel, Forstnerbits and twist bits. and Screwdrivers.

you’re going to spend close to $100, minus whale shell out $20 more and get a quality product thats pretty much guaranteed to work. takes the labor and time you will put into building/researching it out of the equation too.

hrap3-sa $120 shipped.

It probably won’t be easier or cheaper the first time around. Especially if you want to make a stick with Japanese style parts, as you need to use a router to mount them properly. The measurements might be a bit touchy to someone who has no wood working experience.

With American style parts you can pretty much just drill some holes in a 3/4" panel and be good to go, though.

Soldering is really quite easy, but you’ll need some practice. Durability shouldn’t be a problem.

Cutting plexi/lexan can be hard if you aren’t used to it as well.

To really answer the question, you need to figure out the following:

  • what kind of parts you want
  • how nice of a case you want (plexi, paint/finish, art, etc)
  • nice wood or MDF?
  • do you have all tools required already?
  • do you need to buy any additional parts? Wire? QDs? etc

Right now without knowing exactly what you have access to and exactly what you want to build, it’s hard to tell you if it will be cheaper.

With no experience, however, I think you’ll find the end product will be better if you buy off an experienced builder.

Minus whale? :confused:

chill out. every juan makes mcsteaks.

You can layer panels to have routerless mounts. It’s detailed in slagcoin’s “Idiot Box” and it’s the method and I’ve always been using, even with a router (because i’m router dumb).

Yep you can get 1/4 in thick wood or MDF. Top layer has a large rectagle so the JLF plate will sit on a second layer that you will mount to. The top wood will have the holes for buttons but second layer will have a rectangle hole to screw the nuts on


I think I’m gonna follow through with this. However, I’m probably gonna buy a case from somewhere. Suppose I buy a premade case, but I want the L1 and L2 button holes to be on the side… Could I just drill two holes easily? As in, it’d be a 6 button stick, but with the last two buttons on the side of the stick instead of on the top. I need them for going through menus, but I don’t want them on the face.

There are plenty of stick builders on here who would put your buttons where ever you want them. I have toyed with building my own stick, but as i dont really work in or around supplies for me to get the tools, buy materials and factor in a few mistakes i would be far better off getting a custom one made