How difficult would this HRAP mod be?

Hi everyone. I own a 360 HRAP EX. I really like the stick but I hate the 8 button layout. I’ve tried removing two of the buttons and replacing them with plugs but for some reason this really messes with some games. Like with HD Remix (the game I play most), if I press the 360 guide button it acts like it gets stuck and I can’t leave the menu. I end up having to reset the 360 and hope it doesn’t happen again. I don’t know what causes this but when all the buttons are in it the menu is fine.

So anyway, I had an idea earlier today. How hard would it be to move the Start, Back, Left Bumper and Right Bumper buttons to the top of the stick? Sort of like the TE stick only have LB and RB up there too. Would it be as simple as just drilling four holes up there and then covering the ones on the face plate somehow (an art mod perhaps)?

Also, what would I need to do do replace the bolts on the face plate with screws? I’m not sure how to explain this but basically I want to be able to remove the face plate of my HRAP without having to take the bottom panel off and remove almost 20 screws just to access the buttons and stick

While this may not be exactly what you wanted, why not just take the 2 buttons out you don’t want, put the plugs in, then reconnect those 2 buttons but leave them inside the case? Maybe tape them down to something so they don’t accidentally get pressed down…just a thought.

I’ve considered something like that but I still want access to the buttons, I just don’t want them on the face of the stick. But you use those two buttons in menu screens sometimes and it can be annoying if they aren’t there.

You can try drilling some holes on the side. The Hrap has a lot of room inside.