How do Denise Richards and Angelina Jolie look in the mirror each day?

Why do people care so much about hollywood celebrities?

Why are you posting videos in GD again? I thought we went over this.

Because they are clearly better than us. On account of they have um… people to put their clothes and makeup on for them? A shoe and/or perfume named after them?

Oh wait… money! Clearly money means they are better than us, and therefor worthy of devotion.

on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.

celebrities are actually more boring than regular people. all anyone ever reports about them is:

  1. new movie/reality show
  2. dating/breaking up
  3. rehab, because they cant handle the enormous amount of stress that comes from being a multi-millionaire. fuckers.
  4. whatever kanye west is doing

All I have to say is Denise Richards is smokin.

I didn’t watch your video, but im sure it’s not really hard for them.

Exhibit A -

Exhibit B -

And on a side note, I think Denise is lightyears higher in pure tier than Angelina ever is, was, or will be.