How do Hyper combos work in MVC3?


I have a controller and not a fightstick for Marvel VS Capcom 2. It was always so difficult to perform hyper combos because the way the controller is on the 360. I would always have to align my fingers in some weird way in order to do those Hypers. I’m wondering in MVC3 since there is 3 buttons, will this make the game a bit more easier to do Hypers with someone who doesn’t have a fight stick? Is there a one-button press thing like they had in SFIV to so Hypers? Does anyone know?


I’m not sure I understand your question. Supers in Marvel are a command and two buttons though, if that answers your question.


well, there is simple mode where there is one single button for hypers (in combination with a direction) but since there are only 3 attack buttons with no differenciation between punch and kick (ala marvel 2), i think you can use any combination of those 3 buttons to activate hypers (L, M, H)

i played it a week or so ago on the latest build and the controls were set up :



X=:l:, Y=:m:, B=:h:

so i presume you can use M+H for activating hypers (i forgot to test it unfortunatly) so you dont have to twist your hand round to the side like you wouldve had to do in MVC2 default controls.
im pretty sure that it works this way but im not 100%


I’m saying that is there a way that I can do the QCF motion with a one button press instead of the two-button press like I did in MVC2. I had to press Y and A and it required my fingers to be in a really weird position in order to pull it off. I’m asking if there is a way where I can press LT or RT or something with QCF motion in order to save myself from doing that 2-button awkward press.


you should be able to press the Y+B buttons quite easily, as im fairly certain they count towards the two attack buttons needed for hypers.


I’m pretty sure I heard that you can map a button to L+M+H, so that would make hypers easier for pad players. Keep in mind that you have to push L+M+H+S to activate Xfactor so you may want to run a button setup like this:


LP+HP is too great a necessity in MvC2 to gimp yourself by using your thumb to hit the face buttons. If you are playing MvC2 on a 360 pad you should be playing it Tekken-style the entire time, imo.

The same will likely apply to MvC3.


You could just change the controls in the game to benifit your play-style. From what I’ve seen from friends who have the game, you are able to change the controls however you wish them to be.


you can map a button to act as 2 buttons.