How do I actually advance my own ability

So I’m going to try my best to explain this properly. To put it simply, I’m stumped. I don’t know where to advance from where I am. I’m clearly not getting any better since my LP is just sitting around the same static number of 1-1.2k. I’d try to find another measure of skill measure but I can’t seem to find one. People tell me to stop playing ranked and to play with people from here in lounges but nobody seems to be interested, and the matchmaking thread seems to be a ghost town. Point is, I’m just unsure how I can actually advance my skill and improve, rather than sit with a 50/50 win ration at the same ranking. I’m referring to Street Fighter V with this post.

Play offline more.
Meetup with your local fighting game community.
Consider entering tournaments…local and/or majors.

If you don’t have friends that share the same interest in fighting games…make new friends.

Oh believe me when I say that I plan on looking for locals in my area when I get my drivers license (only one place that I could find in MA, for real I’m having a huge trouble finding a local fgc)

You can check this thread:

Or…you can check this section:

Most of the threads in the regional sections have not been active as I believe they migrated to Facebook.

Another thing…keep in mind that closet local community may not be so local for you.
Sometimes you may have to do some travel.

While playing offline more is boss, it unfortunately isn’t always possible/easy.

Another thing to do is to watch your replays, try to figure out what you got caught by or what you did wrong and then go into training mode and learn how to not get caught by it or what you should have done in that situation etc. Then, hopfeully, the next time that thing happens you will know what to do in that situation and come out on top. Rinse and repeat.

What I’ve been doing lately is going onto Twitch and finding a player with not many viewers. Like his channel might be titled “New player” or “Learning this character” . I’ll go into his stream and if he seems good I’ll ask him to play a few sets with me. I did this with a Ryu last night and although I was salty from losing, I learned a lot. When you play battle lounges you don’t have the pressure of losing points staring you in the face. Give it a try.