How do i anti air with bison?



i try hardkick but most of the time it trades or gets beaten out completely… i try crouching hard punch and the same happens. most of my loses come from not anti airing properly… what am i suppost to do ? i tried going on training mode and simulating whats happening but it just proves it to me even more… am i just suppost to block and take the mixup/option select ? i never have this problem with balrog or any other character with a normal crouching hardpunch. why is bisons so slow ?


lol you can’t AA with Bison silly rabbit. J/k.

In all seriousness though he sucks at AA’s. This is what you can do though.

Standing Roundhouse (hark kick) does AA from mid to a bit further out on reaction but it can trade with many other air normals so learn your matchups and watch what they do. If your worried about them jumping in on you from close or mid-close there is nothing really you can do. Sometimes you can do a couching fierce (high punch) if your fast enough, again, depending on the matchup. Basically Bison has nothing in the realms of what your looking for. The character just sucks.


If you are just starting out with this character, seriously, drop him and use a better character. No, I’m not kidding. Bison sucks at upper level play. I’d have been 1500 PP higher at least if I had chosen a more capable character. If you want to be frustrated, jumped in on like there’s no tomorrow, zoned like crazy, option selected to death, and have almost no chance at a comeback should you be at a marginal health deficit, by all means pick Bison. If you’ve got any sense in your head, choose someone else.


Wasted three years on this ass character


Hahahahahahaha. I like how my Rekka dropping Fei Long is on par with my Bison. Oh shit I dropped Rekka twice, np 2 pokes and Rekka again. As for Cammy… No comment.

I find Bison is only really effective against whiners. Whiners whine cause they don’t know the matchup. I’d suggest Adon or Fei Long. You can play footsies the same too. I find IAJK (if you can do it), and Rekkas much better than scissors. They both got good pokes. Good walk speed.

… buuuut to answer your question. You can at max range (it trades with some things). Other wise block/teleport. Cr. hp is useless 90% of the time. St. mk can AA too but I rarely do it. I only use that if I know they’re gonna delay something like a dive kick.


yeah its hard, if you can react to the jump, try dash under it, works sometimes really good, but not easy at all, other then that, if they jump in with an medium attack, you can easilly, blockt it and then mash teleport works good, and you get some air to breath ^^, but if the jump in was with an heavy attack, it’s harder especially they did the jumpin deep, you might get counterhit, if you mash it like crazy :smiley:


Jump forward or back and fierce can work good also depending on your angle and distance.


Yes! Characters like Guy. I mix up focusing and dashing his jumps whenever I can.


C.HP, learn to time it right.


Devil Reverse against Zangief’s ultra two is one. It is just about timing it right.