How do I anti-air with character that does 45 degree down?

Hi, would like to ask about anti-air option for character that does 45 degree downward when jump in. I usually do AA with standing HP, sometimes couch HK. For closer range i’ll use standing MK, couching MP. But I have problem AA the 45 degrees one, such as Dictator jump in hand, where the hitbox go first. Evil Ryu jump in HK (It has more degree than normal Ryu jump in). Sakura HK jump in, Blanka HK jump in, Chun Li’s jump in HK. Guess you know what I mean by now.

I tried AA with standing MK, it’s usually a trade. only thing I see workable is neutral jump or jump forward HK, or DF+LK (but this had been nerfed in AE so it’s not reliable anymore). I don’t think couch MP works either. Though I find Focus can be useful to counter jump in like this, but is there any other option?

Any suggestion?

Not sure about the others, but from the last few nights of playing, c. mp works fine against Evil Ryu jump-ins for me, as it would on other shotos. How about s. mp?

Well Chun’s weakness seems to be steep jump ins, which is fair given her ability to control the ground. In Super, I just did df-short flipkick, but that doesn’t work so well in AE. Now I just block or try to keep myself at a range where those jump-ins can’t stifle me. Its hard though. Cr. mp is good for some, but others like Saks will stuff you clean because her hitbox is so low and hurtbox is so high. Maybe some other people here have some ideas, well I hope they do haha.

EDIT: Air to Air may be a good choice, I’ve been neglecting Chun training for a while.

Sometimes with these kind of deep or sharply angled jump ins, it’s better just to block if you don’t have a reliable anti air that you’ve used in training mode with the dummy recorded doing that attack.

Better to block and deal with the mixup or blockstring afterwards than throw out an unsteady AA and eat a full combo, because a lot of those type of jump ins lead to damaging combos. Especially if you’re on wakeup, because it feels like (at least to me) That those meaty or angled jump ins beat her EX SBK more than they did in vanilla or super.

Also sometimes those angled jump ins will whiff if you use her crouch MP to lower her hitbox or crouch FP to move her forward just a bit to avoid the attack. Not something I’d do without testing in training mode first but I’ve seen it work with angled jump ins.

Against Bison, I would either go air to air with him with jump forward HP or focus absorb and release on him. The reason for focus is that Bison will hit you from high up in your hit-box if he intends on using this move, so you have time to counter with focus before he hits the ground. Since Bison’s jump HP is pretty slow, he is fairly limited as far as varying his timing for that move to be useful. It’s really his only strong option from that angle, so his choice is telegraphed if he jumps.

Blanka is kind of different. In my experience, in order to get that 45 degree angle, he needs to be pretty close to Chun. addition to that, his jump is really fast, so focus is a bad idea. I think mk is good because it will also cover the slight adjustment he can make to try and cross you up.

I would trade st. mk against Sakura if she uses that position as an opportunity to jump. Especially vs Sakura, I don’t mind trading for the chance to mix her up on reset while at the same time avoiding her mix-up. Since she has a bad reversal, that situation is in Chun’s favor despite the damage difference imo.

I would just go air to air against Chun since her jump is so floaty. Tbh in a mirror match, it’s not a jump-in that it’s really benefited me to worry about. I am not sure why, but the best spacing for it is hard to come by and jump fierce tends to be the smarter option against Chuns who are focused on punishing random HSU.

Question, do you guys usually counter cross up with couch MK, or just block? I usually just block on cross up and I don’t think it’s a good idea against Yun/Yang leg

For Chun Li HK you can definately, it’s not as good as the other jumping attacks you’ve mentioned (/sadface) and I think Sakura HK and E.Ryu can be too. I’ll go check. You need to remember to do it earlier than you would far.hp,, or even, almost as early as chocolate, you want to have it out there, and have them fall onto the already active frames, if you do it late it will always trade.

For blanka hk, there’s no ground to air move in strawberry (besides EX.bird) which is really any good, you have to air to air/use spacing to not get in that position/give up screen via a backdash or focus backdash (which could be unsafe, I haven’t checked). Not sure about Bison.

If those other anti-airs aren’t working I would try to jump back :hk: or :hp::hp: or level 1 focus attack.

neutral st. mk is an amazing AA that i never see anyone use. might help.

It was tough for me at first, I had to get used to its angle and speed. These days, many people are vouching for it though, so I definitely want to try and use it more often.

Not sure how this would fare against more angled attacks, but I thought I’d (re)share these, since I’m in the process of learning their uses myself. The as an antiair…

Air to Air or air grab if you can. If you don’t have time to air to air, it’s okay to trade with a ground normal like st. mk if all you wanna do is push them out and prepare for the next move. Focus works but can get blown up if you overuse it. Cr. mk works as a dodge in some cases, but not always.

Then there’s blocking. That works… just have to get comfortable dealing with mixups from time to time. It’s good practice.

These jumpins are hardest to deal with when they’re too deep and hit somewhat of a blind spot vs Chun. In Super, that was probably the rare case in which I would use df+ lk to stop that type of abuse, but I’m not sure how well that would work out in AE.

St. MK is my most used anti-air. I feel I am very consistent/automatic with timing it against any character with a shoto-like jump-in. I often hit st. mk too early against Chun/Bison because of their high jump. I advocate J. HP against them because it can be used with essentially the same timing from the same angle for more damage. It’s beneficial to use this move as early as possible, so it’s a natural adjustment to make vs their floaty jump-ins.

Sometimes, Bison’s jump-ins surprise me and I think that’s an OK time to use Lvl 1 focus. Bison has a long way to fall after hitting your head with J. HP so you get to put him in a mix-up for it if you don’t get a lucky crumple. Kind of like the panic button. You shouldn’t be surprised by jump-ins so often that Bison gets a chance to think, “Hmm… This Chun is anti-airing with focus like it’s a good idea. I think I’ll get some free damage,” since a2a J. HP is the better choice.

The matchup I loved d/f lk was against Rose. Her J. MK seems to out-prioritize St. MK, somehow.