How do I apply pressure and escape from it?


I’m an average SF player, but when I face super aggressive players, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to counter block strings and cross ups. Most of time I try to DP the cross up I miss and get punished. They end up annihilating me from mix ups and constant pressure. I was wondering what is the best way to apply pressure to your opponent, And how to you escape such pressure.


Escaping and applying pressure are about one thing: controlling the defender. The attacker’s job is to annoy the defender, test his patience, mess up his timing, camouflage the openings and dangle fake openings, keep him on his heels and off his game. The defender’s job is to control himself. Stay cool, ignore the smoke and mirrors, and take the best opening.

Fight pressure with pressure. The best defense is a good offense. Keep them at arm’s length with pokes and they’ll have a much harder time starting anything. And on the flip side, brandish your hitboxes in the defender’s space and they’ll have a much harder time keeping you off. In a certain sense you can view the game as a contest of pressure. Both players are constantly trying to control the other, the ‘attacker’ is just the one who is doing it better.


Nice try, but you’re a little too vague.

Pokes are used to 1. Keep people out 2. Push (pressure) people to the corner

Pressure and block strings are the same and different. Most importantly about block strings, you want to know the difference between true block strings and block strings. True block strings have no gaps (frames where you can do anything) which means if you ever do anything but block properly, you will get hit clean into a confirm combo. True bock strings are usually chain light attacks like Ryu’s chained shorts. There are some combinations of attacks that are also True block strings, but none come to mind. Block strings have at least a frame where you can mash out your reversal (invincible move) in between hits. Those block strings that aren’t true are usually link combos, which people use all the time to frame trap (frame traps are two attacks on block that don’t give you enough frames for your button or non reversal special to come out.) Reversals are risky because if your opponent tricks you by not attacking, you will eat a big combo after they block you. Block strings push you away from each other so you will want to simply block until your opponent is so far that your opponent cannot hit you anymore. Pressure is when your opponent uses your hesitation to press a button to walk back into a block string position. Even though a block string is dangerous to reversal and does not allow you enough frames to push a button, pressure forces you to push buttons or your opponent will stay in on your forever and throw/mix-up you to death. You have to guess or react (reacting is not as easy as you would think and is typically baited) when your opponent will come back in on you and press your button to interrupt that pressure. You need to use your reach and/or positive on block normals to perform good pressure. Some characters have moves that are meant for pressuring, like El Fuerte’s and Guy’s run specials. They can perform pressure strings, which are a combination of block strings/frame traps and pressure. Other characters can use fadc for pressure strings, Oni and Evil Ryu come to mind. Rufus uses his dive kick for pressure strings. Pressure string technology has been refined to the point where its not easy to interrupt. If you have trouble dealing with a pressure string, you should probably go to the character forum for your character and in the match up thread, ask how to counter that specific pressure string. Lastly on pressure strings, people will use the re-jump option as a pressure string. Two jabs into a jump cross up attack is pretty common online. That is because when you get it down, you can mess up your opponent’s anti-air options. You have to take advantage of the fact that to hit you while crossing up, they have to attack late in their jump. When your opponent goes for the re-jump, simply jump (every direction should work) and attack them out of the air.

It sounds like you are having trouble keeping people out. You have to learn footsies. There are a ton of tutorials on footsies. I haven’t checked, but I’m sure that there is a pinned thread in this newbies area that has tutorials for beginners. Some of those tutorials should be about footsies. If you can’t find a footsies tutorial, don’t make a new thread. There should be an answer and question thread here, ask for a footsies tutorial there…

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