How do I attack with magneto?

Hey, everyone. I have a few questiosn regarding mag. I play with my friend pete and he trashes me lol. (asian daisy from here on srk) I dont know how I should attack with mag. I mean every time move I get hit by something. If I block im stuck in block for the longest time. Then when I can attack im still getting hit -____-;;;; I dont know how I should attack with mag. I know hes a rush down character… but I cant seem to triangle jump at all I always do that stupid ass air projectile of his. I used to normal jump alot but i stopped that. The team im using at the moment is msp and scrub. But of course this is all about msp lol. so if theres any tips suggestions combos tricks secrets you wanna share that would be a great help. thanks guys :karate:

Why don’t you ask Pete? He’s capitalizing on your mistakes, so obviously he knows about them.

well my mistake being what? moving??? im just asking to get some ideas about somethings that i could use in my game

It can’t be moving, otherwise if you stopped moving you wouldn’t get hit. If you keep moving, you can’t get pinned down and rushed.

Look, how are we supposed to help you if all you say is “I can’t stop blocking without getting hit” and “When I can hit I get hit first”? For the former, all I can tell you is that you should keep blocking until you can safely do otherwise. For the latter, I would say you’re choosing the wrong time and place to attack.

Dude at the begining of the battle, lk with psy, then,hk, sj.infinite= u win:clap:
but u cant do that cuz you r new to the game, the only thing i can say is keep playing and learn from or mistakes.:tup:

Is that what you really do? :clap:

just hit me up on aim haha, srk is pretty much done with the strats

well first you are going to have to learn how to tri jump in the first place, then after you need to learn the different angles, and ways of getting in, then you need combos( the rom is really all you need, look at justin.)