How do I awaken the "evil intent"?

Hey Shoryuken, I was playing SFA2 on nfba with my super advanced state machines, and I was wondering :

How do I awaken the “evil intent” akuma keeps talking about?

You can’t do it until Frieza after kills your best friend.

Look at pictures of jailbait

Read random threads by newcomers in FGD. “Evil Intent” will be awaken in no time, guaranteed!


#1. Look at porn for 12 hours a day. To be more maliciously evil, you must look at both normal and underage porn. If you look at underage porn exclusively, then you’re pretty darn ambitious.
#2. Masturbate at that said porn.
#3. Buy some drugs from your local shady dealer. Doesn’t matter how much you buy for it, you’ll just need it to fuel that intent. Or screw it - STEAL the damn things. That’ll make you nasty and more evil.
#4. While getting the drugs, get a knife and a few weaponry. You can’t be evil without those.
#5. With your new found weaponry at hand, stab and kill your local neighours kitten/dog/whatever pet they have, strip naked and piss on their garden.
#6. Return to your abode and continue to masturbate with your left hand while eating a bag of Dorritos dipped in bong with your right. If you’re an MvC2 player, replace the Dorritos with Pringles.
#7. Continue the process for two weeks and a half. You may spice it up by randomly punching wheelchair bound grannies on Sundays or playing the latest death metal song on stereo at the highest volume while yelling at the top of your lungs at how Satan owns your soul. You may even try to register in an internet forum and post stupid topics about reputation, moldy bread and awakening evil intents.

Congratulations! You’re now a master of evil intent. Now all you have to wish for is that the cops won’t get you for being such a corrupt individual.

whose number is that is she fine?

Dude, you’re a terrible troll, and you need to learn how to fail less. Honestly…

It’s obviously 321954a+g (COIL stance). Really, why would you provide false information to someone who asked an earnest question? For shame.

Ouch…I can understand calling me out for spouting knowledge on things I have no idea about, but insulting my baked goods? That’s…that’s low man.

btw, I was trying to just go along with the joke. Had absolutely no idea what any of that said, except I recognized whip stance…Wow this turned into a massive load of fuck fail and misinterpreted agendas…But I understand where you’re coming from. I always hated that kid who tried too hard to fit in and just came off awkward. I just wasn’t aware you were using actual terminology. Apologies.

The evil intent will be awaken on Saotome Kaneda for these types of threads…and will close it in no time… you will see you will see…

Nah, it’s cool man. Like I said, I understand where you’re coming from. No hard feelings.

Ryu should have a Boomerang Hadouken where he throws a fireball and then it returns and hits multiple times and if Ryu throws it and quickly jumps on a train the hadouken follows behind multi-hitting any obstacle in its path for massive damage and possibly killing people and then when Ryu jumps off and he forgets about it it will suddenly hit him in the gut and he’ll be all like “wtf” and then he’ll throw another one andoaiyshoashotawyopIAYGOTW:OIBK:AHGBG:OYOUYO#*)(#&L@KH>D

^ Holy shit, specs just exploded. :rofl:

Unlocking the Evil Intent:

  1. Insert Coins.

  2. Press and hold Start.

  3. Highlight Ryu.

  4. Move Right, Up, Down, Left. You’ll note you highlight Akuma before moving back. You’re stealing some of his Evil Intent and taking it back to Ryu.

  5. Press any button.

Congratulations. You’ve now unlocked the Evil Intent. However, if you don’t satisfy its hunger of 30 souls a week, it will turn on you and summon an agent of its power to you. He will likely gouge out your right eye, but leave the Intent with you. You must then give it 40 souls a week, or else the next time you fail and try to use it, you will self-destruct. Have a nice day.

Start by wearing worn looking black clothes, don’t have to be emo brands but that is optional.

Next paint some random symbol relating to heaven on the back of your top.

Finally, put $20 on every round (not match) you lose at your local arcade or friends gathering.

After losing $160 if it hasn’t awoken yet. Increasing the amount you are betting.

touching yourself at night only thinking of the golden girls…

eat a carton of cigarettes while playing akuma, you’ll be able to do 1 button raging demons.

It’s a bug. You need to unlock the “Get the rope” and “Fire at the Disco” achievements, which were taken out of the game while it was in development. Sucks because evil intent is the most kawaii shit ever.


1.Buy this shirt.

  1. Buy black Gi pants. Particularily Lucky Gi as you won’t need money anymore after this

  2. Stand in front of a speeding armored car

  3. Raise your fist, and shout “I’m the Supreme Master of the Fist, Heaven & Earth tremble from my might!!!”

5.Charge the armored car and punch the front of it.

I’ve been working on two papers for the last 24 hours, this made me laugh for a solid three minutes. :china: