How do I awaken the "evil intent"?

when you find your woman with another man

Watch Dragon Ball Evolution 3 times in a row with a bad case of hemorhoids and drinking nothing but warm beer.

I want to apologize on behalf of the other posters, they are jerking your chain in an attempt to be humorous.
This is the actual way to awaken the evil intent:
You must lift 20-30 lb. barbells 4 hours each day using only your scrotal flap and a half eaten bugle(delicious), while playing the theme song to Sanford and Son with bowel movements.
Note that if any excrement is released during this period, your ability to awaken the DAHHHHHRKKKKKK HADOUUUUUUUUU!KLK!L!!! is immediately forfeit and you will no longer be able to throw red air fireballs with your mouth(that is called “dragon-$pitting”, always with a dollar sign in place of the S because that is fucking baller, you bitch).
After you have performed this rigorous training regimen for 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes and 12 seconds EXACTLY, you must then clock in 49 consecutive wins with all characters in Clay Fighter and Waku Waku 7 respectively.
After this, eat a Neapolitan flavored ice cream sandwich, strawberry first, chocolate second and finishing with vanilla. This is to reflect the steps of coitus you will be engaging in shortly:
Vaginal, Anal, and Polar Bear.
You must then find a Pakistani (or Thai, I’m not sure if there is a difference, though) stripper named ‘Dik Suk Thu Peni’, and tell her that you “have the sugar if she has the remaining ingredients in a standard Bundt cake”. She will blow you immediately. After this, follow the Neapolitan Code of Coital Conduct and immediately following this, punch her in the face while saying every misheard Street Fighter quote you have ever heard. THOUGH. “Some of Saul” and “Tire Show” are both invalid.
After this, you will be asked to save your game. Choose the “Billy Joel” option and then enter the code found by translating the text in the character movelists into binary. You will hear a coin sound, followed by “Messatsu!”. You have just unlocked the evil intent. You will have to repeat this method annually so the evil intent does not turn into ebola virus.
Best of luck, warrior.


:rofl: :rofl: Oh god Ghostal. xD

Ghostal just made everyone already dead. With laughter. :rofl: Good stuff.

I can’t believe these fools are yanking your chain. The reason they’re doing this is because everyone knows how to do it. Here you go: :u::u::d::d::l::r::l::r::snkb::snka:

I certainly feel emasculated.

Thank you for your replies, shoryuken community. Since none of your recommendations are actually evil, I will just follow the following regimen:

1000 chain punches in the air per hour
5 hours of SFIV at family fun center per week
Dodge sheriffs and cops and trick hoes

Thank you for your time. Oh, and I wasn’t lying about those state machines. I’m 100x better at programming in Smalltalk now than I was last year when I was making software that helped your reflex timing on sfIII.

Maybe when I’m done with my shizmoo clones, and my $2500 game contract, and all the shitload of grant money i get to screw babes in college, I’ll program SFAIV. ISM -4 BITCH.

-Zenji warrior DEEEEEMON supppppppeeerrrr duppppeerrrrr

Achievement Unlocked!!!
0G - Delusions of Grandeur

not funny anymore