how do i be good

i saw diago using giule but i do sonic boom and they jump over and own me


You must learn Sonic Hurricane Kick to stand a chance

I would’ve sworn that this post is a joke, but the OP joined last April.

Sonic Hurricane Kick is your only hope.

how do i do that i do up down left right nothing comes out

Did you press any of the attck buttons? Up down left right are just directions.

i press the punchy and kicky buttons and i get hit by this weird stretchy dude who shoots fire

Obvious troll is obvious.

power button mate…power button. makes life a lot easier

i pressed it and these red lights com on and my screen stays balck

lolz daigo just made my day

u 2 huh brah we guil manners gota stick together u kno rite

take my advice! i have won various tournaments.

you must learn the FADC system. and try to incorporate that into your into your game. once u know that go to tournaments and trash talk to make yourself look intimidating.

i hang out with Jwong all the time so trust me i know what im talking about
and dont forget about Guils Sonic Hurricane Kick

Mash the turbo button

Pick Ken.

No one is good at street fighter.

lol, he got banned…probably thought this was a funny, clever post. Troll fail.