How Do I Beat A Good Q Player?



Theres a really good Q player at my arcade whos been playing for a few years. I need to know how to beat him. At most Ive won maybe 2 rounds by using all 2 SA 2 meters, but the times I didnt have meter Id have to stay back and build it up as he of course taunted. I need to know how to get out of his grab, which I hear jab is good for stopping throws. The match become so tedious and frustrating. Especially when he does that awesome combo with the command grab into ex dash hit to the wall then kick and then taunt. :confused: I need to work on my parrying skills, but hell just throw me when I parry.


You need to take the offense immediately, Q needs his taunts more than Chun needs her meter. Q’s command grab is very slow. If you don’t already, you should use rising parry to deal with command grabs. Though Chun can rely on hitting Q out of his command grab more than most because of her fast normals like jab and close roundhouse.

Getting on the offense, using kara throws and those fancy LL/SBK buffering tricks seems to give Q a lot of strife in high level replays.


be aggressive, spam forward hk when close to Q


unless you are playing Kuroda’s Q, you shouldn’t have too much problems against a Q player .