How do I beat crouch techs?

Really struggling trying to find a way to discourage my opponent from doing it all the time. If it helps I use Evil Ryu.

frametrap with a big gap
evil ryus forward medium kick goes over crouch tech you could use that

Won’t most cr.lks beat beat me during the big gap? I’ve tried doing stuff like cr.lp, cr.lp, delay cr.lp and got beaten.

Depends on how fast the

Usually I recommend (usually with meter unless you are confident it will hit) dp-ing. As a former Ken player that blows up a lot of crouch techs if timed properly. Too early, it will count as blockstring, too late, you get hit with a

Im not sure if that works with E.Ryu, but it never hurts to try it.
And I believe a good frame trap is cr.lp, slight delay,

Im pretty sure you if you look at the frame data you can figure something out.

Thanks guys. I guess I just need to work on my frametrap timing. The character that I fight the most is Ken and I believe his is 3 frames so it blows me up easily.

Yeah, just look at your respective character’s sub forum and there will probably be a list of frame traps that beat moves that startup in a certain number of frames. I know a 3F frame trap is cr.lp, st.hp or cr.lp,

You have to not only know that they’re going to crouch tech, but also the timing of their crouch tech. Which is usually a delayed crouch tech.

Or you can whiff punish them, which is more consistent but harder to set up.

Some setups are better because the catch a larger window. If they have a 3 frame, if you do a 3 frame uppercut on the second frame out of blockstun, you can catch a 5 frame window.

Distinguish between catching mashing right out of blockstun and catching crouch tech, and accept that you can’t always catch both.