How do I beat projectile spam?


I can usually handle projectile spammers by super jumping however i’ve noticed that i’m ultimately screwed against projectile spammers who have anti air assists, and I can’t call my Sentinel drone assist out either because it instantly gets zapped by the projectile.

The team i’m rolling with at the moment is Wolverine, Magneto and Sentinel. It’s pretty annoying because i’m only a fighter (got demoted lol) but can beat higher ranked players pretty consistently if they are melee fighters, but the second I get matched against competant ranged fighters I get torn a new ass hole.


Magneto can beat most zoners with his EM Disruptor. It’s super fast. Wolverine should use his speed to get in. Find gaps in their defense. Get as much ground as you can in between each projectile (Tokido did this well at Final Round).


you can see how Tokido utilized his Wolvie at Final Round.