How do I beat teleport spam?

It seems every single time I play all I play is Team Trenchcoat or some variation of it, and I’m having trouble with all of the teleport spam. I fought a Dante / Ammy / Zero just now that would literally just spam Dante teleport with Ammy ice assist, anytime I tried to air dash back or forward, I’d get hit by the teleport and take a full combo. I play Nova A / Spencer B / Doom A. Any advice on how I can handle this really repetitive tactic?

Air throw or s.L or s.S launcher.

Use an assist to make them respect your space like Agamatto.

I have played against enough team trench coat for this lifetime and the next and here is what I have learned against their teleports.

If no assist is out here is what i do against the main teleporters.

Dante- Watch for what I call the Dante pump fake. If he is full screen most likely if you see him crouch once or twice a teleport is incoming. What I then would do is stay on the ground and when he teleports normal jump and throw him. EVERY character on your team can do monster damage from an air throw so you should only need to scoop him twice to get results.

Vergil- I break his teleport down into 2 options.

  1. He can stay on the ground either behind me or in front of me. I immediately hit forward and heavy when he vanishes. If he teleports on the ground either I will throw him if he is in front of me or me heavy will beat anything he throws out if he teleports behind me.

  2. For air teleports just jump and scoop him with an air throw. or eat a block and jab immediately when you can. If you have a quicker character you should easily get him.

If Ammy is out then air try and grab him out of the air, or jab ammy when she starts up to stop her part of the mixup and just block Dante. I hope that helped some!

Thanks Mkeller. I’ll try that out. Usually afraid to go for a grab on Dante because that down slash seems to come out so fast, but I think I’ll try to do what you’re saying. Sounds like it might be easier to read it and punish on reaction. The Vergil’s that I usually fight though go for the back teleport, and at least for Nova my normal’s don’t have enough reach to punish with 2H. Everytime I have tried to punish the teleport with a normal 2M or 2H I get stuffed.

With Nova do a crouching m on vergil. I believe he slides a good distance quickly that way whether or not you know he is going behind you (which they do 90% of the time) just hit back H. Not sure if that move is safe or not cause I never play him but test it out.

I play team “Big Body” Nemesis/Thor/Sent and if I can do OK with their agonizingly slow normals you will do great lol

Grab them, no teleport is safe.

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Deadpool teleport has 0 recovery afaik

Switch Doom assist to Hidden Missiles. It catches teleporters all day, as well has making Spencer have some of the highest damage in the game.

If its just teleport spam pretty much al of the above statements will help, if its spam+an assist+online lag things get into the realm of very hairy.
Pretty much just gotta bait it and with a mix of pre-cognition, luck and reads (dependant on how bad the connection is) throw out your defence far earlier than you would offline.
Its why I hate bumping into bad connection whiney Vergil players. They always whine so much if you adjust to connection before they can start their assist/teleport dial-a-combo play.

grab them when possible in this case dante can only teleport on air ao jump and grab, u can also dash back as soon as he appear but in this case ammy could be annoying, I think it’s important to learn with every character teleport, that pretty unique , from Virgil, Dormammu or Strider. Bad connection do not help in matchup an unsafe teleport could become a sentence