How do I beat Vega with Ryu?

Gotta own up this kn3wb who challenged me in ST. I took him out on using basic ryu fireball uppercut strats.

But I don’t know how i’m suppose to fight super turbo vega.

shit like what works on him, how to get in, how the hell do you stop that crazy ass jump in dive. You know all that.

Two words: Reversal Shoryu.

On wakeup. Stop his bullshit mixup dive.

Fireballs, not so good. A smart player will eat you up with long limbs if you try to throw any past the range of his crouching lp and such.

Short. Simple. Too the point.

How a high level player tells another high level player strats. Brillaint.

2 words: baited shoryu

I should’ve actually given advice, however… I heard the OP is kind of a joker, so… that’s that.

Obviously he can get baited, but from what I’ve known and seen a lot of Vega players will dive every wakeup until stopped. (the old if it works, why change it ST mindset) Forcing them to try to bait your shoryu actually makes a match of it, so stuffing a dive asap is pretty important.

I know Ryu’s jhk (angled or neutral) is good at stopping his off the wall stuff, jmp works as well. As for the ground game, I can’t think of much that Vega can’t stuff atleast from the normal fireballing/usual Ryu range. Since he can hop your FBs so easily, and clean counter/trade when he doesn’t hop… well, I’d fight him up close.

I’m not a serious shoto player, I play Bison and OG Sagat, but I do know how to beat them. Hopping over the fireballs (straight up) and countering them clean when you predict adds up. That’s how Vega is going to win the match ultimately, not necessarily the dive. I have the hardest time against a shoto when he’s coming at me, taking away the range of my (Bison) standing MK/HK and uppercutting my tricks. I have the easiest time when I can kick him every time he tries to FB me from midscreen, use my tricks safely, and dictate the match.

Take the initiative and beat that ass. Vega doesn’t have that big of combos, and staying at a fireballing range only plays into his gameplan.

So that means I’m gonna have to use a lil rush down strats on his ass. . . cool.

You will also need to be able to DP some of Vega’s pokes. If you can get some psychic DP’s in it will allow to establish some fireball game in close.

Tough fight for both character’s either way.