How Do I Beat Yama, Blanka & Vega..PERIOD!

Maybe you guys can give me some real good advice on how to stop these characters with my characters. So far I ran into 4 flavors of Vega (C, A, P & N), 4 flavors of Blanka (C, A, P & K) and 5 flavors of Yamazaki (C, A, P, N & K)…these characters are really a headache for me to beat. The characters and grooves I play in are P and C-groove as for my characters I use Joe, Geese, Sagat, Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Iori, recently Haohmaru and Yamazaki. You guys might be thinking with a roster like that how should I have trouble with anyone in the game but just those 3 characters give me problems. Whether it be from Yama’s zoning range or Blanka’s\Vega’s speed and range I know there’s something that can be done about it with the characters I play with but I don’t know what. If I were to rank my overall skill and knowledge with this game (1-10 scale) I’ll say 6 or 7 at best. There’s still some stuff I need to learn about the game and since tourneys are coming up where I’m from I want to improve fast enough to be prepared. Please, any help will definitely be appreciated.

You’re basically asking us to describe how to beat 13 characters with 20.

Yeah, lower the question down to like one matchup please.

dont’ worry guys, i’ll answer this with one simple team.

use C-vega/blanka/sagatR2

and concentrate on doing roll super with blanka and sagat. and make to press as many buttons as you can with vega, esp if you have shit poor reaction, you might as well spam shit and get lucky. you can do it! i have faith in my tactic.

2 words, my friend


Go to cf tomorrow. lol

Use combinations of punch, kick, and block.


Fair enough. Perhaps that was a bit too broad. Maybe this will get me a better response…how does one defeat Yamazaki, Blanka or Vega with a Shotokan like Ryu or Ken?

RC safely, figure out the best ways to get in. Easiest is to dash in, block and wait. Then when you get close, stay on them.

With Yama, RC past limbs, try to land crossups.
With Blanka, punish Blanka Balls and zone him to the corner. It makes him a bit more limited with space to move.
With Vega, land a knockdown and stay on him, bait RC Claw Roll and play a safe range game when needed.
Getting in is the hardest part because you get outranged so easily, aside from random roll.

good team :annoy:

wow. A-Vega, Yama, Blanka is my team… there are other A-Yamas in the world besides me???

SiN use to play C-Yama/Vega/Blanka and he would own me for free :sad:

That’s good advice but there’s 2 small problems…I can’t roll cancel. That and the fact that P-Groove is my primary groove…so now what?

too late =P

You can still play off footsies to punish Yama/Vega/Blanka with shotos…
IMO Vega’s probably the hardest matchup for Ryu and Ken out of those three.

RC’s would’ve helped you a lot there, but since you can’t, and P is your main groove, you can still bait and/or parry the Yama slash, bait/parry/punish the blanka ball and bait/parry/punish RC roll claw.

Not that those alone will help you win anyhow since playing P you’re going to have to be highly patient and adaptable and quick to catch on to whatever your opponent throws at you until you get in and start laying down some pain.

P-Groove is renowned for free jump ins, it’s easy to mess with timing on a parry but if you’re reaction’s up to it, Yama and Vega and Blanka generally only have single hit anti-airs (though in addition to those Yama’s got his command grab, Vega an air throw, Blanka RC elec, watch out for those, and jump back mashing which tends to work against P-Groove but it also helps corner themselves so it’s all good)

Your shotos can build meter by running away with jumping tigerknee’d hurricane kicks if you need the extra meter, as well as giving you an outrageously high and far jump that put’s Rolento’s wall jump to shame.

Since you can’t RC you should only throw your fireballs either from full screen (jab versions usually, fierce here and there to mess with them) or at a proper footsies distance, playing off whiffs (generally fierce fireballs… faster)
Or combos even though you really wouldn’t do that with Ken since he has better, safer combos. Sorry dunno about Ryu in this instance, though I’d imagine his combos into fireballs are somewhat safer than Ken’s as his are typically better, however slight. Since you’re pokes are generally outranged and you don’t have RC funky kick with Ken this is what you’ve got, and to ensure you’re fireballs don’t get rolled this is it unless you see their next attack coming and go for something nutz like a parry->dragonpunch if they’re in range, in which case I’d recommend jab dragon punchs since you’ll want the extra time to recover earlier than with a fierce so you can dash in/crossup.

If they (Vega/Blanka) jump at you, you’d better let them have it with anti-airs. Get the message into their heads that jumping in doesn’t work. Keep them on the ground. Shotos will never completely suck so long as they have their trademark fireballs and an invincible dragonpunch. It’s also good to know they have a balanced normal moveset also, though in this game they’re more or less outranged. That and P-Ken can risk going all out meeting them in the air with an option select parry/airthrow.

Except for K/N Yamazaki I don’t think Yamazaki will be blindly regular/super jumping at you so much, though low jump MK’s are likely.

Once you get in stay there. I’d imagine that Ken’s crossup tricks work still but he needs meter to make the most of it so maybe he’d be best 2nd on your team, though you could put him first IIRC some say he’s a good/decent battery (with RC’s)

Aside from all this I’d highly recommend learning RC’s, it’s not hard with some practice, especially when you have someone who knows how to show you. Hell these days even your general new players can more or less RC so it’s worth the effort.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. I’ll post again if I run into another roadblock.

If that doesn’t work, just kick them in the balls.

To better understand Nick T.'s advice, as most CvS2 cabinets are of a height where stools are provided, you opponent will generally always be facing the screen, focused like.
So I recommend first you hit the taunt button to mentally stun his brain with a slight feeling of anger while your flying backfist nails the eye closest to you.

His body will flail in the same general direction of your backfist…Now is the time
to strike with the kick to the balls, ideally with the leg closer to the machine since the other one is going to be closer as you pivoted on that to land the backfist. Typically a forward snap kick is the quickest, best kick, but if your backfist was severe enough and your kicks near shadowless like, go ahead and try for a heel-stomp, hence ending your opponents chances of furthering his bloodline, as well as increasing your chances of getting backstabbed

To prevent this further occurance, take him out front while he’s hurting and give him a curbie.

Keep in mind even if you get away before people report you to the cops, chances are good no one will respect you anymore because you basically just sucker punched, then pummeled a guy over a game. The only sure way out of this is to buy everybody a round of drinks and tell them that your opponent was hitting on you and deserved it.
Have fun!:clap:

don’t forget about the smack super!

do the motion for your super really big and smack them in the face during superfreeze, the super will most likely hit them now =P

:amazed: pwned!:p: