How do I beat you guys?



Like I’m not even joking. My best friend mains Boxer and whenever he picks him, it is a GUARANTEED lost almost all the time. I try my hardest to pull out a win and about 30% of the time I get raged in the face by Boxer.

I main ryu and although I’ve been a lazy bastard, I might pick up Akuma next since I’ve had the game for months and have not bothered to unlock anyone.

Any other character is a 50% chance of me to beat him but with Boxer I just give up. It’s frustrating hahaha.

Anyone got any tips? I seem to always get caught in the EX moves that provide a 1 hit guard. What are some of Boxers biggest weaknesses against playing a shoto?


If you’re getting raped by EX moves, you have to simply stop throwing Fireballs when Balrog has a charge and EX meter.

The way to beat Balrog is to take him out of his charge. If he’s midscreen away, just crouching and keeping his charge, don’t do anything if you have the lead. Just look for a combo to punish most dash punch attempts.

If you’re behind, you have to try and out footsie Balrog in my opinion. Just don’t give him the ability to charge.


mannnnnn… You just aren’t paying attention. There is no character that will give you a % increase on winning against Balrog unless your friend has a natural weakness to them. Since you are asking questions like this, tiers and percentages don’t matter since those are based off top level statistics.

Sagat gives Balrog a hard time with random tiger knee, s.RH and fireball. And Abel, Gen and Blanka can get very easy wins on stupid Balrogs by spamming cross-up medium kick. Blanka in particular will ruin bad Balrogs, tho’ Blanka is purportedly one of Rog’s better match-ups. Random electricty, Blanka ball, and rainbow ball will baffle a Rog who doesn’t know how to counter them. Blanka ball eliminates the success Rog ever has of safely using a dash punch, ex or not. If your friend figures out he can counter a blocked Blanka ball with jab dash punch, then you gotta work around that.

If you want to continue using Ryu, get better timing. Ryu can counter everything Balrog does. You can throw EX dashes, dragon punch TAP on reaction (even through fireball in most cases). Learn to FADC DP into ultra. buffer into fireball/DP causes Balrog serious problems. Jumping straight up or jump back medium kick will net you free combos if the Rog is spamming dash punches.

Zangief will beat a bad Balrog for free. Lariat and EX green hand seem unpunishable to them.

Tho’ you shouldn’t base your character picks and strategies around fighting bad players.

Rog’s primary weaknesses are.
-Focus baiting dash punch
-jumping up to bait dash punch
-proper fireball spacing (you can avoid ex dash punches pretty well if you make sure to not do fireballs too close. do em about 3/4th screen away)
-a player with strong enough reaction to punish whiffed dash punches with into whatever

All in all, it really seems like you just aren’t paying any attention as to what the real problem or solutions are when you are asking broad questions like this.


If you want to learn, check out the EVO grand final between Daigo and Wong. Classic Ryu vs Balrog. Ofcourse the Balrog was a bit unorthodox but you will learn a lot.

Personally I love taking Akuma against Balrog. The three-hit fireball will break the Ex-dash punches. But the TAP can create havoc due to the long frame of the three hit fireball. Only use the three-hit fireball farther than mid-screen. Most balrog’s will block it but it is great as chip damage.

Also if you are fast enough, you can use Akuma’s ultra on Balrog’s HP dash punch. That is if your friend is not that good.


do you really expect us to give away our secrets? muahahahah


Dont get hit!


pray really really hard…


Grab him out of the charges. Go. Or just cross up like a bitch and then the only charge he can hold is his headbutt or TAP.


any of you balrogs wanna play sometime? i need the practice. I use gouken, its a tough matchup for me. Balrog just seems to out quick me, his jab is a problem. ive played my fare share of balrogs and ive gotten the wins but over all i just get bodied. any amount of games would be MUCH appreciated. Ive got a tourney coming up in august and crackfiend is gonna be there, ive played him before in tourney and i dominated early in the early rounds of the first game till he figured it out the match then i got smashed on. so i expect him to know how to play against gouken this time. thanks in advance. lata


what strategies have you been using against your friend’s boxer and how does he typically counter them?


To beat balrog all you have to do it doge…


thanks for the games tapent, you helped me out a lot. im starting to be able to spot the ex dashes better and react more to tap. I still need to play you neondragon. any other boxers wanna play? im looking to get maximum exposure. thanks


yeah ggs. sick gouken.
lol everytime i ex dash punched
i would eat backthrow into ultra.


Ask gootecks to play you. His balrog is insane. He doesn’t hang around here much, though. Check his website.


I thought 'rog couldn’t be grabbed if the dash punches were correctly spaced.


i’ve only grabbed and been grabbed out of EX moves for the most part.

i’ve been grabbed out of normal overheads when right next to my opponent, as well as normal TAP’s.

but when going against a balrog and he has EX i try to bait him into using some EX dash punch, because those are pretty easy to grab out of.


You obviously haven’t played balrog against the cpu Zangief. He SPD you out of everything.


Hit him more times than he hits you.

Also, keeping him out of charge isn’t the best advice. Good Rogs will not be sitting around charging, waiting for you. Rog will be buffering charges during his offense, but, in neutral situations he’s generally trying to approach footsies range… And on defense, smart rog players aren’t going to eat throws/overheads/crossups trying to charge.

Zone him. Space fireballs to be safe from ex dashes. If he makes it inside that zone him with and make him pay if he tries to jump in. Remember though, when doing this, not to put out any pokes until he steps forward, once he steps forward you know he has no charge and it’s safe to poke. watch for him start baiting out wiffed and punch you in the foot with his Keep in mind if he has ultra, he can do FA absorb > dash ultra, so when he’s got an ultra or super stocked don’t throw consecutive fireballs and understand the “safe fieball” range shinks… So be wary of when you need to zone with pokes over fireballs.

If he can’t get into his effective range (read: in your face) he can’t beat you. Just don’t be predictable.


Nope, if you lp dash punch and just hit the very tip of Gief’s hand its safe, anything more and he gets a free spd. It’s very tricky though because he can bait you into a focus and again get spd so it should only should be used sparringly.