How do i block blankas ultra 1

im a ken player and when close to blankas ultra 1 i always get hit, is there anyway to block

I believe it’s overhead (high) when the ball is falling down, then low when it’s rolling horizontally on the ground.

If you’re point blank, block low, high, low .

If you’re at jab distance away or further, block high then low.

Correct, and your position can make a difference on it. Generally when fighting Blanka with ultra 1 active you want to put more space between yourself and him to give yourself some buffer for blocking it, and avoiding the high block requirement. Also never try to jump over it, it’s not like a projectile and it’s easy to get caught in.

Thanks guys

Just to elaborate a bit, it has a small invisible hitbox that hits low when the ultra starts (4 frames) and while it’s falling down it hits overhead. So start low and when the ball is in the air start blocking high.