How do I build a Stick?


I got my SE Street Fighter Stick three weeks ago.
After 10minutes of using the first Stick of my Life two buttons stopped working.
I send it back to the online shop do get a new one.

Now after 3 weeks they told me that they will not get new Sticks and I’ll get my money back.

So I want to play with an arcade stick but in europe (germany in my case) it’s really hard to find arcade sticks less than 200euros via ebay or other onlineshops.

I searched for Stick building tutorials but I didn’t find any.
Heres my question to you guys:

does anyone of you have a tutorial how to build an own arcade stick?
That’s my only chance to get one at the moment.

thank you


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at the bottom of the first post there is a link to slagcoin. you will probably find that link very helpful. has a nice selection of parts and the shipping won’t be as bad as it is to the US.

Well, I don’t know everything in detail that is involved (like the soldering part), but I guess I can get you started. I just ordered a bunch of parts from and the prices are great and shipping was cheap for US orders, not sure about overseas though. In the arcade section you would want to get one of the custom arcade boxes, and in that section they say what sticks and buttons are compatible, so you will need to get those, and then I would probably say get a Cthulhu Board for PC/PS3 that is prebuilt which from what it seems doesnt require much or any soldering at all.

But building your own stick is going to cost probably about as much as buying a commercial one, and a lot of parts are on preorder/backorder right now it seems, so you may want to try and buy a Madcatz TE if you can find one, which has the same parts you would be using when you buy them yourself (Sanwas, unelss you were going to get semitsu). I myself have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and just bought some sanwa buttons for it and a new ball top and otco gate which ran me about 40 bucks on top of the original price of the stick which was 120 or 130 USD.

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thank you! Will see if I can manage that^^
It’s my first stick try to build^^

Also, check out the products at Their boxes are pretty cheap.

wow… just wow

My only chance to get a TE right now is via e-bay and they most get sold over 150 euro that’s more than I can pay at the moment :frowning:

AND SORRY that I didn’t read the stickies don’t kill me please -.-"

building it yourself won’t be cheaper than 200 euros… considering all the tools you have to buy…

unless you want to make a shoebox stick.

hm…that’s bad :frowning: waited so long for a stick now it’s broken and they can’t get another one -.-"

Any suggestions how I can get a stick? =/

how much are Madkatz SE sticks where you’re at? You could buy the good arcade parts from that German website and just swap them into the SE if that’d be cheaper than the TE.


To the post over me : very helpful :wink:

The SE sticks on ebay are between 60 - 90 euro. The Sanwa Parts that I need ~ 36

The TE Stick would cost 120 so it wouldn’t be much more.
Looks like I have to go this way.

If you’re looking for Madcatz fightsticks, you can try the Capcom shop. I’m pretty sure they ship it internationally since the shipping cost to Germany is 30 usd. You’ll also have to pay the 19% vat tax to the post man as well. I’m guessing everything should be about 100 euros for the SE stick. If you have questions you can always email or go to the forums at capcom-unity.


So I have found a Site that has SE Sticks in Stock so I’m thinking that I’ll get one of these.
But: what can I do if I should have the Button Problem again?
Would it be enough to buy sanwa parts and change the buttons?

thx for any help


allright thank you.
Tommorow I’ll try to get a TE Stick on ebay if that doesn’t work or the price get’s to high for me I’ll order the SE stick and mod it.