How do I call this kind of characters like Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Sagat?


I am a Japanese SF4 player,my English is not so well,please try to understand what I am talking about.
The characters who use fireball and dp,such as Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Sagat,how to call this kind of characters in English?
Also,the characters who can suddenly close to you,such as Cammy/FeiLong/Adon,how to call this kind of characters in English?

The characters who input 46p/28p for special moves,we call them Charge characters,so how should we call the characters who input 236p/623p?



Ryu/Ken/Gouki(English = Akuma) are called "Shotos"
Characters who are trying to quickly get close to you are called “rushdown” or “pixies” but they are often broken down further into other archetypes. Some are more aggressive or rely on frame traps (Cammy) others rely more on their neutral game and footsies and whiff punishing moves (Fei Long)

Characters who use 236 or 623 are usually just called “motion” or “standard” as they are more common.


Fireball + Uppercut = shoto characters
Characters who can get close to you quickly = rushdown characters (probably what you mean?)
46 = charge
236 = motion


How do the Japanese call characters like Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Sagat?


Knowing Japan? Probably on a cell phone.



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The name of this comic is:“Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation”.
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in chinese shotos is ‘波升’ charge is ‘蓄力’ and rushdown is ‘突进’


Ryuken types.