How do I cancel moves?



What’s the method? I’m trying and it’s not happening, I haven’t even done it once. I’ve seen people cancel out of spiral arrows and cannon strikes, but I can’t do it, nothing happens when I try and focus attack. What effects does the super gauge have at different bars, and when? Is there a guide for this?


Whoops, totally just missed the FADC references. Ignore post.


You’re asking about Focus Attack Dash Cancels?

To FADC, you have to use 2 bars of EX meter and you can only do it on certain attacks. You also can’t FADC whiffed attacks - only those that hit or are blocked.

There’s a specific window in each move’s animation for you to FADC, so you’ll have to practice a little to figure out when that is. For example, it’s really early on both Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike.

This is how I learned how to do FADCs when I was starting out in SF4: Training mode, super bar set to unlimited. Try it on both a blocking and not blocking dummy.

First get the hang of hitting MP+MK at the right time of the attack animation. Do Cannon Spike or Spiral Arrow immediately tap and hold MP+MK right after the motion. ie 623K~[MP+MK]

Once you get a feel for that window, add the forward or back double tap and then let go of MP+MK during the dash animation. ie 623K~[MP+MK] 66 ]MP+MK[

It’s important that you practice the FADC motion precisely, because if your muscle memory’s even a bit sloppy, rushing through it often gets you a whiffed FA attack and wastes 2 meters for no reason.

Hope that helps.


If you are talking about FADC (focus attack dash canceling), this is when you turn yellow for a bit after you connected a move(usually it will be either cannon spike or spiral arrow), and dash forward to continue your combo. To do this, it requires 2 EX bars. You have to input and hold focus attack(mp+mk) right when your attack connects, dash forward, then let go of focus attack. I think the problem you are having is either you are not dashing forward fast enough, or you let go of focus attack before you finish imputing the dash.