How do i cancel my xbox live subscription?

how do i cancel my xbox live subscription?

you have to call 1-800-4my-xbox :tup:

Yeah, Nastradamus is correct, you just need to call 1-800-4my-xbox.

Just be prepared to have a very annoying time.

You call in, have a small conversation with a representative, they will transfer you to three or four different departments, where each one will try to convince you to keep your Xbox live account. Eventually the last individual you deal with, will give you two options. To either keep it and they will give you 2 months free, or you can disconnect it. (they pretty much whisper this and only say 1-2 words about it)

So, how to cancel it, is you have to be stubborn and tell them you want to cancel it. And don’t let them give you garbage by trying to convince you to keep it for another 3 months.

Example “well sir you’ve got it paid off until December 2005, you sure you want to cancel it now? You will lose 4 months! how about you keep it until December and you call in again and cancel at that time!” then they trick you and wait for the month of December to come, they charge you at the end of November. and then when you call in they say “We’ll thanks to the automated payment, you’ve already paid for another year subscription! until December of next year! do you still want to discontinue the subscription? We cannot refund the $50 dollars if you do”.

Lame sauce, but thats how the business works for them.


can’t you just cancel it through your xbox?
give it a try, from what i remember,
just press eject on your xbox and go into your xbox live account.

Ive cancelled trial and real accounts through the account management section on XBL. It can be done.