How do I capture a screen on a movie file?


Whenever I do a “print screen” it does infact catch the image, but for me to make it into an avatr the image has to be very small and paint does not allow you to do that. I’ve tried with paintshop pro and the image won’t even appear there! (the screen will, not the movie itself)…Also once I do a capture screen and try to save it using paint it’s still no good because the movie is lost (all I get is a pic of windows media player)

Some help?!!?!?!

you can use PowerDVD, if it’s a DVD put into the drive or a media file on your computer. or you can open up Image Ready and open the media file itself into IR.

those are the two options i’ve used before.

go to options in windows media player and set the rendering quality or whatever its called, to the minimum and then do print screen.

Where is it? can’t find it anywhere, already looked at media player help and still can’t find it. Is it an extra plug in I might not have?

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The best prog that i found was actually VLC PLAYER cuz you could double the screen and hit PrintScreen and the quality is as good as your vid file.

i’ll give detail when i get home, i’m at College at the moment