How do I check old posts/threads from years back


I joined here around 2002/3 and want to relieve those old posts, however when I try to check it only goes back to 2009 odd and I have done about 1500 posts.

So is there another way to check ?


“…And thus a terrible calamity fell upon SRK, later to be known as “the great crash”. Thousands of posts, lost to the ravages of time, never to be seen again…but this is was not the last age of darkness…for a new, darker menace was waiting in the fold…”


Tell us more grandpa!!!
Seriously I would like to hear the rest of this story



What is his name?, Unicron


that;s what this place gets for doing a bunch major overhauls in the course of 3 years


SRK purges itself every year. Some of the closed, banned, stale threads are deleted completely.