How do I clean Chun li TE fight stick?

Chunli being all holographicy and what not, how do I clean it? or can i even?

Yes you can clean your TE, even a Chun Li TE-S.

I own a Chun Li TE-S as well and I tell you what I do.
Just use a clean lint free cloth, ether dry or slightly damp (preferably dry).

If you got to use a cleaning product over the art use very light amounts of glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
Just stay away from the edges of the art where fluids can leak in.

Products made for electronics/ Computers would work such as a Air Duster and the milder spray cleaners like the stuff made to clean flat screen monitors.

Remember to put the cleaner product on the cloth and never directly on the TE.

Thanks man I’ll def try it out.

Go with the grain.

Use a silken hentai pillow.

Wrong Stick, LOL.