How do I connect my ps2 to my asus vh236

So, I’ve heard that I can use a converter like HDBOXPRO to get my ps2 working on my monitor. I’m not sure if it’s true, but if it is I also don’t know if there’s input delay in that type of setup. I’m hoping someone has a ps2 to asus setup going that doesn’t have any additional input delay (besides whatever delay is caused by the monitor itself). If HDBOX is a proper solution, but you know of other devices that work just as well or better, please name them. Thanks guys.

I can’t speak for any device’s performance but the HD Box Pro looks like a component Y/Pr/Pb to VGA transcoder. It has the component video inputs and a V.G.A. output so it would display an image at the least, with the appropriate cables and system menu settings.

Naturally any standard definition signals from S.D. PS2 games would be prone to whatever post-processing lag your display is prone to at the very least, since it still has to be upscaled at some point. I’m not sure if signal transduction in and of itself leads to any noteworthy additional lag to be honest myself.

There is an alteration taking place since the two types of signal aren’t quite identical. However since V.G.A. provides the rawest of analog signals I’m aware of, it may simply be displacing a change that would be necessary for any T.V. to make internally somewhere later down the line anyway.

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I myself been using HDBOXpro with Asus vh236 since 08, mainly play CVS2 and 3s on PS2. So far no lag have detective. You can find out more infors on similar products on this thread Question on HDBox Pro and High-Box Pro

HDBoxPro has two frames of lag

Hmmm. so it does have some delay. That’s not too surprising since it is a scaling device after all. 2 frames are a pretty big deal in fighting games and shmups, but I guess it would be worth it for rpg’s and other games like that. Thanks Tonepoet, deadend, and Zapf.

A lower lag solution would be a dvdo edge or xrgb3, but both of those are pretty expensive. I think game mode on the dvdo edge is 8ms

yeah, I looked into those, but they’re way out of my price range. 8ms is really good though. Thanks anyways.

there’s a system configuration option on the PS2 to output component (y pb pr).

the relevant cable a PS3 component cable will work.

just tried it now on my vh236h, works fine. :slight_smile: