How do I control myself?


When I lose to Seth or any female character, I start going mad and I can’t control it and it makes me break crap and I can’t play well.
So how do I control myself? It’d be nice if someone could tell me an easy way to completely shut down my emotions so I don’t have to worry about anything ever


When you grow up you’ll start doing this less.


How about a real answer you fucking shithead


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Damn out first I thought you just wanted to see how to beat a Seth, now you’z just trollin’


You just owned yourself.


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Waiting for someone to initiate banhammer in 3…2…1…




See now due to the anger I can’t control, I broke my stick.
This wouldn’t have happened if you dumbasses hadn’t post here with smartass remarks instead of real answers


I hope to god that you’re not a troll and you really broke your stick.


I did, and now I wish I could start Global Thermonuclear War so each and every one of us can die along with the rest of the Earth



ok here is a real answer for you
every time you get angry don’t take it out on your peripherals take it out on your body…
when you get angry smash your fucking hands of a brick wall and you will feel lots of pain and look like a dickhead, you will probably stop doing it to avoid the pain and embarrassment.

or the other simpler option is to grow the fuck up


I already tried and stopped doing that, next I’m just gonna beat up my cat since I know it can feel pain and it won’t fight back


I love this guy

No homo


don´t hate on seths s belly scrub.


I wish Death Notes were real and I could get a pic of you and everyone else in this topic