How do I count frames (software/hardware)

Hello there. I’m wondering if somebody knows what kind of software and hardware I would need to count frames? Let’s say I’m running SSF4 on my PS3 when it comes out, do I just whip out a digital camera, set it to 60 fps, and go through the footage frame by frame? If so, what kind of video editing software would I need to go through the video frame by frame?


Well, I’ve never actually done it, but virtualdub should work fine for that if you can grab some footage at 60 fps. Its a very small and very free video “editor” somewhat.

Thanks for responding. I’ll try it out to see how the numbers compare.

shinshoryuken was basically doing this to figure out the game’s inherent frame lag. You could PM him and ask.

Done. We’ll see if he has time to respond to this thread tonight; if not, maybe sometime soon.

Is there a reason you’d want to manually count frames yourself?

Um. I’m just curious to see how it’s done, and I also think it would be useful to see if there are any visual cues for individual normals that would help me see when a player’s move goes from active hitting state to recovery state. When I play 3s, I have a decent intuitive ability to figure out when the recovery period of the moves begins, but since SF4 has its wonky small hit-stun on most normals, I thought it might be useful to replay the moves over slowly frame-by-frame in case sitting down with a big pile of frame data while I go through everybody’s moveset in training mode doesn’t turn out to be such a good idea.

sf4’s published frame data is full of mistakes so it would be nice to be able to check that.

nice question. first post