How do I counter electricity?

I just got Sf4 last week and I’m using Gouken. Anyhow, I just face this Blanka where all he did was hit me once and started spamming electricity. And I mean nonstop spam it. I literally sat there for 30+ secs with him doing nothing except electricity in the same spot and there was nothing I can do.

I get punished for every attack I do against him and my fireball goes over his head. So how do I counter this tactic as Gouken? Because he basically wins with a time out if we both just stand there.

Any low attack will hit him, there’s also a spot near the top of his electricity where you can hit him with certain jump ins, just experiment in training mode for that.

Yes, low attacks are the way to go with any character. And if you’re using Gouken, you should also have the fireball option.

Go into training mode gouken vs blanka. Pick record in the options, and then (while you’re temporarily blanka) mash a punch button the whole time. Then you’ll have ample chances to see how easy it is if the opponent is spamming the way you mention.

Thanks I’ll try that.