How do I cultivate a scene?

I know I can’t force feed hdr to people but what can I do to get random people to sit down and play some casuals together? If only I could get a weekly group or something and then setup a tournament putting up some of my own money as an incentive then go from there.

Any tips?

Is there a game that is very similar to HDR? If there is, then the first thing you should do is post some trash talk in the forum for that game. Ideally, post it in the congratulations thread for the person who just won Evo.

If you can get rid of the other game and convert 10% of the players to your game then it would be good.

The secret is not really a secret, but just something really hard to find.

  • You need a place that you can invite random strangers whom you have never met in real life to all come and hang out and play video games with for a good 6 or 8 hours weekly or bi-weekly.

As simple as that sounds, its not really that simple. If you are trusting enough to invite all those different strangers to your house, I think you will have a scene going on in no time.

Get a time machine & kill SFIV from ever releasing or at least a year delay!

Cultivate? Plant HDR into the ground and watch it grow into an arcade cabinet.


As much as I hate the ST v. HDR arguing, I have to admit that made me laugh. LOL.