How do I customize my Soul Calibur V Hori Fightstick


I just got my fighstick & I want to change the art label. I seen a ton of websites but the stuff you have to do is way too complicated for me, they even expect you to change the stick & the buttons for it.

The art label that I want to customize is my main & favorite Skullgirls character, Cerebella. I love Skullgirls & Cerebella. (I also play Marvel vs Capcom 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Street Fighter 3 for the Xbox 360, I don’t have BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend & I’m planning on getting Persona 4 Arena soon) All I want to do is remove the art template/label & replace that art label so that my fightstick will have Cerebella instead of the Soul Calibur V characters.

Please, is there an easier way for me to do this without having to do 20 steps or more. I just want to customize the art label, not the stick & the buttons.


1 Order a plexi
2 Design some art with photoshop or pay D3v to do it for you
3 email the art for the stick to have it printed and cut
4 Remove your 6 top screws, buttons and balltop apply the art then apply the plexi over top and reinstall buttons screws and ball top
5 Send a generous donation to RosserRooster for Sticks for starving children fund


I checked the website, it’s kinda complicated, plus, it’s MadCatz. My fightstick’s from Hori, although the art design looks the same.


refresh your browser I already fixed it so check it again and its not complicated.
Your a man right men fix shit right? We dont ask for directions We figure that shit out


Makes sense, has a decent price. I’m kinda afraid of removing the stick & buttons. I’m not good with that stuff & I hate to see that my fightstick won’t work cause I misplaced the buttons. I’m more afraid if I accidentally break it & this fightstick costed $100, but I’ll do anything to get that art label.


You don’t have to remove the stick just the balltop the buttons just plug in they were meant to be replaced do not make it a bigger deal than it is. I’ve never seen someone’s buttons not work because they replaced the art and I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit people do to damage their sticks on these forums


Sorry, but thanks. Also, I’m not planning on getting it right now as I’m saving my money to buy Persona 4 Arena. Basically, I just want the art label to look like my profile picture or the old skool 2011 picture of both Cerebella & Filia.


Why pay D3V when several others do it for free? Not bashing D3V here, just saying.

For the top panel, if you’re using clears then be sure to check the specifying box stating that your clear is sanwa or seimitsu. Both are different in size.


If you’re afraid to do an art swap, check the modder sticky and see if someone local will do it.


I’m sorry for asking this, but where from the box does it say it’s from sanwa or seimitsu?


Never mind, it’s from Sanwa. I had to check on GameStop for the description. (it’s where I got my fightstick) Thanks, everyone. I think I want to get this over with & get my art label ready.


The buttons in the Hori are Sanwas (if thats what your asking). If you’ll be changing the buttons and want to insert the cutouts from the art in to the buttons then you’ll need to buy clear buttons (Sanwa or Seimitsu, up to you) and indicate which it is when ordering the art so it can be cut right for you. If youre not gonna change the buttons then I don’t think it matters.

I do have a related question though, I just got my hori SC5 stick a few days ago too and I’d really love to dual mod it and add LEDs to the buttons+stick but with all these pcbs and led controllers out there I’m having a hard time figuring out which would be my best option as far as reliability and ease of installation are concerned.
I’m not worried about other console support so don’t make that sway the decision. I love what the remora can do but doesn’t look like its made for this stick.

Any info greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Because there is a difference between free stuff and stuff that actually bespoke and customized to the clients exact liking. We’re talking about multiple design studies, revisions, color matching, multiple test prints, etc. In other words, the whole professional design process that I used to do when I was still doing graphic design for a living (and I’m pretty sure other guys who charge for commissions like MhintTea do the same as well). Look at it this way, most of the “for clients” stuff I post in the Art Thread is actually initial drafts, the final works look even better.

Besides, as the old Tech Talk saying went - support the community.


I already submitted my artwork. Now, I need to add some kind of order number. Anyone here know where I can get that order number?


I don’t think I can get the art label cause I don’t have a Pay Pal account. Looks like I’m gonna be stuck with a boring old art label.


Just out of curiosity. Were/Are you a graphics design major?


It doesn’t matter. I don’t have a Pay Pal account. I’ll just check & see if there’s an area from where I live where I could have someone customize my art label. I just don’t like the Soul Calibur V art label that much.


Self taught. I took up IT in school and specialized in web design. People liked flashy looking shizz so I had to learn fast (mostly from an ex who was a graphic design major).

You can check out my old, inactive, DA account here.


Hey guys,

I feel awful stopping in here just to ask a question and not contribute, but I’m at the end of my rope trying to find my answer.

Does anyone know the dimensions on the artwork of the Madcatz SC5 stick in question here? I have the template and want to make my own art, but I don’t know the exact dimensions and the template is HUGE and I don’t know what to resize it to. Any help would be soooooo very appreciated.


Why would you resize it?
That will just cause problems when you get it printed.

Simplest answer: it’s between A3 and A4 size.