How do I Deadpool Better?

Right now I’m running Deadpool (Quick Work)/Nova (Centurion Rush)/Wesker (does he have more than one assist?) My usual strategy is to jump around and make projectile walls until they get in close, then try to mix up by starting with either Cr. L or the overhead wheel kick. I’m not great at his combos, the best I can manage is around 620k with:

Cr. LMHS J.MHS land katanarama chimichangas dash forward (if needed, if I’m close to a corner I don’t need it) S j. HS air Happy Happy Trigger.


Overhead kick Wesker Assist S J.MHS land katanarama chimichangas dash forward (if needed, if I’m close to a corner I don’t need it) S j. HS air Happy Happy Trigger.

I usually have a tough time with any combo that involves quick work (especially if it cancels into Chimichangas) or bolo stuff. Deadpool’s got some funky timing for some of his attacks. Any advice for that, or for DP play in general? I know things like teleports and bolos are awesome tools, but I never really know when/how to use them effectively and just fall back on my bnb’s up there.

Can’t help much with combos, but I can comment a bit on other stuff:

Try incorporating the grenades into zoning, they can be pretty frustrating. I found them most effective when placed so the other guy is going to land near or on top of them after a jump.

The slide is also a good option when people start to get close. It goes under a ton of stuff and can catch people off guard. It’s kind of an option select since if they block it you can cancel into ninja gift or teleport, and if they jump over it, you just go under them, switch sides, and can continue running away.

The teleports are amazing tools. Just calling a projectile assist and teleporting behind people is stupid by itself, but they have so many uses on top of that. The most obvious other use is to help your runaway by just teleporting to the other side of the screen when people are closing in, but more specific uses are things like using the M teleport when you’re cornered to unexpectedly go behind people and hit them with a slide or overhead. Try to reset the teleport counter when you can, for example you can end combos with a teleport malfunction canceled into air HHT. It’s not as damaging as a clean HHT but it’s worth doing when you don’t need that extra damage.

Thanks a ton! I had read that using ninja gift L or M would help make Deadpool’s blockstrings safe. I’ll try to toss out more grenades and cancel into it if my normals get blocked. I might also try switching out Nova’s assist to the shield. It’s not quite the same as a projectile, but teleporting behind and pushing them into the shield might be possible. Would that cross up?

Yep. “Crossing up” just refers to unexpectedly switching sides on someone, so technically just teleporting behind people by itself is a cross up. Assists just make it more effective because they can be timed to hit at basically the same instant that Deadpool appears behind the opponent. I don’t know how effective Nova’s shield would be at this, but luckily Deadpool’s teleport has basically no recovery so it’s one of the few that you can actually throw out raw in relative safety. It also helps that Deadpool is so keepaway-centric; people don’t expect him to suddenly go on the offense like that.

For some reason, I really hadn’t considered canceling my slide with ninja gifts or teleports. My Deadpool should really level up as I turn doing so into a habit.

Thank you, sir.