How do I deal with being salty as hell?


Hello everyone… So I originally started playing SF last year beginning with USF4. I put in about 400 hours into it, and then transitioned over to SFV once it released. I now have about 140 hours as a Silver rank. My biggest problem that I’m having trouble dealing with is the fact that I get very salty. And this is salt that occurs when playing with people I meet on Steam and do battle lounges with. I get frustrated and then curse them out and then I get deleted as a result and I can’t blame them. I just can’t seem to deal with it. I’m not going to quit SF because I genuinely enjoy playing it but I am really disappointed in myself as a player/person for allowing these feelings to get this bad, and I’m also disappointed for constantly losing against other players despite having some familiarity with the particular matchup. So what do I do? I wish I could have the level of composure that Daigo possesses. He always maintains his composure despite facing great odds when participating in tourneys, and here I am getting salty about some online matches. Sigh.


No responses… Nice.

  1. Stop being impatient.
  2. If you catch yourself getting angry…take a step back from the game and calm down.


One thing that will help, is that don’t think of a loss as “oh I loss”. Take it as a learning experience.

Example: If I were to take a test and fail it, I can go “Man, forget this” and do away with it. Or, I can see what I did wrong and try and improve.

I can tell you, yeah it can be frustrating. I’ve had numerous matches where I messed up one move and it cost me the game, or it happened in both rounds to where two mistakes cost me the game. So take losses as a learning experience.


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