How do I deal with Blanka/E.Honda rolls/RC's?

My friend constantly rolls with Blanka and E.Honda against me (I’m sure it’s not RC’ing, cuz I don’t think we’re good enough to do that yet…aw), but he constantly rolls into electricity/hundred hand slap and i’m losing lotsa chip damage. What’s a good strat against this? I’m thinking of trying p-groove and parrying it, but even that seems daunting, especially since his rolls are usually right at the length where it may or may not cross me up.

So basically, I guess i have two questions here, how can I stop the likes of blanka and’s moves I mentioned above, and…the less important question for now, how can I tell the difference between an rc and just an attack coming quickly after a roll?

Ummm beat his roll.

beat his rolls? why didn’t i think of that?!? it was so obvious…

so does anyone have a strategy or similar experience they’ve gone through and could possibly pass on the knowledge or at least gimme a good starting point other than “beat his rolls” ?

rcs u will only see a very small part of the roll animation, a hiccup almost. very easy to tell from roll, then do a move. blankas roll is really long, and pretty much sucks, you should be able to meaty/throw it. same with honda, electricity/handslaps do not have any invince frame normally, so just hit him out of his roll all day.

thanks…i was actually thinking that i haven’t tried throwing him out of his rolls…

but thanks again, i appreciate the insight

Jump away until you can react to rolls at ANY TIME!!! Jumping straight up as soon as you see the roll normally forces them to block your PRESSURE!!! YEAH!

If someone tries to roll through me, and I’m not stuck in the middle of a foolish move, I’ll throw them 100%. Otherwise, I stick out a nice meaty attack like crouching mp or standing rh(ken).

RC’s are hard to recognize without lots of experience. Either you can detect the sound of them rolling, or see the kara cancel(the character will move forward a tiny bit - mere pixels - when they RC). Best way to find out is to do a reversal special on wake-up. If they beat your reversal, it was an RC. Don’t try it again.

throw it. most anyone should be able to kick or punch blankas roll, cause it is REALLY bad, honda’s not so much. try punishing the roll by mashing c.jab. haha